Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I love all things that etch my children's childhoods in my mind forever.  These days are so, so awesome, but I am also functioning on little sleep (Levi, anytime you'd like to sleep longer than 3 hours at a time, I would be so thankful) I know I will not remember it all.  Hence why I blog :).  I just printed off my blog (I do this yearly), and it is quite an investment....but it is so worth it.

I saw the "take with you" growth chart (that I think is a Pottery Barn knock off) on Pinterest and knew I had to make it!  I love recording kids' heights, and the fact you can take it with you if you move sold me!  I know so many people who have recorded heights in a spot, only to have to move one day and lose the record!

I am not very crafty, so I was happy it turned out.  I love dark wood, so that's why I stained it dark....but it is actually too dark.  You can see the heights, but it is hard to read.  So from a distance, it just looks like a random board on my wall.  Oh well! Photobucket

 The upclose shot. I freehanded it all:

But you can see how it is not super easy to read.  One day, I may redo it with lighter wood....but for now, it serves it's purpose :)

Before having Levi, I had canvas prints made of the 3 kids I did have.  I knew I wanted to add his picture to the collection, but I had to wait until he could sit be able to take his picture outside and coordinate the photos.  Here is the end result:


Levi's isn't as bright as the glare of the flash would make you believe.  You may notice these are the same pictures used on my homepage!  I am not sure if I will keep these forever, or update as they grow.  But they're in our living room....and I love how it is tasteful decor that communicates how much we value our children.  I actually mentioned to Brett I may move them to the homeschool room, and he was the one who said how he loved them being in the center of our home.  How sweet :).

(The ties of the bows look better in person, but now that I see them, I may try to make them a little bit cuter).

I got these at which is like super low prices for canvases.  They are good quality, though!

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