Saturday, May 18, 2013

Easter Weekend

For Easter, we traveled to Brett's parents' house and then onto his brother and sister-in-law's house.  It was a really fun weekend!

Dyeing eggs

 photo IMG_4131.jpg

Levi standing
 photo IMG_4130.jpg

It's turkey season!!
 photo IMG_4133.jpg

 photo IMG_4135.jpg

 Easter Sunday:
  photo IMG_4136.jpg

 photo IMG_4137.jpg

 photo IMG_4142.jpg

 photo IMG_4146.jpg

 photo IMG_4148.jpg

 photo IMG_4153.jpg

 photo IMG_4156.jpg

 photo IMG_4157.jpg

 photo IMG_4160.jpg

 photo IMG_4164.jpg

 photo IMG_4166.jpg

 photo IMG_4167.jpg

 photo IMG_4168.jpg

 photo IMG_4170.jpg

 photo IMG_4171.jpg

 photo IMG_4172.jpg

 photo IMG_4173.jpg

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