Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

Our first day of school began in an interesting way.
Yesterday, Brett decided we needed to paint and thoroughly clean our gym.
We started after Levi's nap and severely underestimated how long it would take.  Even with our sweet friend, Rosa, helping, we were still working into the night.
It left us eating dinner at 10 a pizza joint with a bunch of college students....looking super hot after a day of gross.

Soooo....our kids got in bed about 11:30.....which made for an interesting morning.
Luke woke up at 7 am then fell back asleep in my bed until 11.  He missed the first go-round of pictures.

We haven't done much academics all summer, but I was surprised how well they did their first day back!

 photo IMG_7562_zps98ed3326.jpg

 photo IMG_7563_zpscd449c02.jpg

 photo IMG_7565_zpsac6ef20f.jpg

 photo IMG_7568_zpsa48eb40c.jpg

 Levi acting big :)
 photo IMG_7572_zpse7ec9d05.jpg

Not happy about school. She prefers to craft all day....which she is still able to do with the many hours left in her day.
 photo IMG_7574_zps0482bf1e.jpg

A change of attitude:
 photo IMG_7576_zps8575002b.jpg

 photo IMG_7581_zps12d51e27.jpg

 photo IMG_7582_zpsdbccb046.jpg

 photo IMG_7585_zpsd9f531f4.jpg

 photo IMG_7587_zps7a0bb3ec.jpg

 photo IMG_7592_zps60ccf3bb.jpg

 photo IMG_7594_zps7caebaa6.jpg

Luke woke up! YAY!
 photo IMG_7600_zps05c1a70d.jpg

Levi not excited for this!
 photo IMG_7604_zps5df9fe0b.jpg

 photo IMG_7605_zpsd3149046.jpg

Lil Mama Chloe helping
 photo IMG_7607_zpsb3c8daf9.jpg

 photo IMG_7608_zps8c2bbcad.jpg

 photo IMG_7610_zps8518f2cc.jpg

 photo IMG_7612_zpsb95c2f43.jpg

 photo IMG_7614_zpsb77533f8.jpg

Oh, Levi
 photo IMG_7615_zpsfd233db7.jpg

 photo IMG_7621_zpsef13fc22.jpg

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