Monday, December 8, 2014


While in MO, one of my friend's parents invited us to come take a tour of their radio station.  My kids got to see how radio stations work, and they got to record a song.  It was a BLAST!  And I am so thankful we got to have the opportunity.

 photo IMG_20141120_121047_zpsvmrw1rbv.jpg

 photo IMG_20141120_120944_zps9gxt4wza.jpg

 photo 20141120_101957_zpsw78k3owq.jpg

 photo 20141120_101326_zpsvogacacf.jpg

 photo 20141120_101313_zpsvevtwojx.jpg

 photo 20141120_101236_zpsswbvfaw4.jpg

 photo 20141120_100814_zpshaaxwxwv.jpg

 photo 20141120_100704_zpso4nkypum.jpg

 photo 20141120_100701_zpsiekoakl5.jpg

 photo 20141120_100653_zpskc7wo6uv.jpg

 photo 20141120_100647_zpsawlhlkfd.jpg

 photo 20141120_100514_zpsczodxmov.jpg

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