Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 In Picture

 photo IMG_20150311_182501_zps47ikgnqq.jpg

It wasn't cold, but this kid chooses to wear khakis everyday! He usually is wearing a polo shirt.
 photo 20150310_175254_zpsm1fmgaa6.jpg

Levi is in the costume phase, and I love it! He is SO cute!
 photo IMG_20150306_153731_zpseu1sowfa.jpg

 photo IMG_20150305_143851_zpsvobu4yob.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1425527117629_zpsw0mb78nv.jpg

 photo IMG_20150304_100553_zpssgr0wfr6.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1424888534314_zpsbsfgn3ux.jpg

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Naptime well spent, I suppose.
 photo IMG_20150223_150428_zpsrj5onfn7.jpg

 photo 20150222_130725_zpsgqupmiei.jpg

 photo 20150217_214527_zpszkinau9s.jpg

 photo 20150213_190654_zpsecaonucm.jpg

 photo IMG_20150211_130010_zpsdsyfricv.jpg

 photo 20150119_104618_zpsjna23dwh.jpg

 photo IMG_20150118_123157_zpsbrdlu3n1.jpg

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