Sunday, August 31, 2014


Recently, we went to the beach with friends!  It was such a beautiful day.
We even saw a sea turtle hatch and make its way to the ocean.....which was really awesome.

We love Rosa!!  
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Last weekend, our family went on an adventure to Jonathan Dickinson State Park.  It's been far too long since we've been out of the city limits, so I thought it would be fun.

We had an absolute blast!!  The only downsides: no one slept very well and it was HOT.  Besides that, it was such a great time.

We rented an air-conditioned cabin with a bathroom, kitchen, and beds.  So it was definitely glamping (glamourous camping).  It's about the extent of what our family can handle, though.  I liked that it is SO much cheaper than a hotel, and we were out in the wilderness without dying from heat.

Brett and I looked at each other so many times and said, "This is so fun."  We will definitely do it again!!

Our city kids had a difficult time with attitudes at the beginning of the day (it was HOT), but they eventually adjusted!

We went geocaching and found our first geocaches!  We think geocaching is a blast.  I am the WORST at spotting the cache, but Brett is really good at it (not surprisingly).
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Chloe, before adjusting to the outdoors :)
 photo 20140824_115046_zpsutgz3xvj.jpg

Caleb loved it! He was a good sport the whole time.
 photo 20140824_115057_zpsqb1sljla.jpg

On a boat ride.  Levi looked SO old.
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 photo 20140824_131850_zpskebai4lu.jpg

On the boat
 photo 20140824_131904_zpsc3klwspp.jpg

We went to Trapper Nelson's secluded homestead.  He hand built the entire homestead, and it was incredible.  The tour of the area was super cool, and it's fascinating to hear how about his life.
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S'mores time!!
   photo 20140824_183350_zpsjueuw5xa.jpg

Brett, proud of his fire!
 photo 20140824_184925_zpsc4ky6322.jpg

Walking up to the highest point in South Florida (which isn't saying much).  It was SO neat.
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   photo 20140824_191401_zpsmafjvglp.jpg

The lookout tower
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The best part of camping.
 photo IMG_20140824_230113_zpsd9mz6iya.jpg

Our little cabin!
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 photo IMG_2749_zpsv3che4wf.jpg

This is a trip we will definitely do again!!

Monday, August 18, 2014


I have neglected my blog for far too long.
This summer was.....weird.
I don't even know where it went.
It was so, so busy....yet I can't recall accomplishing much.
I guess that's a sign of a good summer.
Nothing major happened.  But we had lots of fun.

We celebrated the first anniversary of our business.  While we still have a long way to go, we are pleased to actually be making it!  We are hopeful for lots of growth this year.

Our kids are doing awesome.  They're 2, 4, 6, and 8.  They make us laugh all of the time.  They're all just getting funnier and more fun with age.

I am enjoying this stage of life.  I feel like the fog of babymaking and babyhaving has lifted. I seriously look through pictures of the last 8 years and cannot believe how fast it has flown by.  But I also realize how much of a brain fog I was in.  I can look at pictures and just remember being so oblivious to so much of life.  That's just that stage of life, but I am kinda happy to be moving on from it.
I know each stage presents its challenges, but pregnancy was just SO HARD for me that I did not always feel present.  I now am fully present in life, and I love it.

Brett and I are doing well.  We're close to hitting the 10 year anniversary mark, which is WILD.  Ten years seems like a really long time, but it has passed in the blink of an eye.  A lot has happened in those ten years---cross country moves (FL to KS to FL), job changes (NFL, ministry, small business owners), lots of children---and I can honestly say we are more in love and happier now than ever!  I am so thankful for that gift.
The business has forced us to navigate a new normal, but it has made Brett come alive (this is so his thing).....and we are all benefitting from the love he has!
We all love how it has planted us in our community and given us such wonderful friendships.

We started school today, and I am VERY ready for a normal routine.  While the summer was much needed and super fun, I am ready for the normalcy Fall brings.  It's an unusual season for us, as I felt led by God to lay aside most every commitment we've had in the past.  Caleb and Chloe are each playing a sport (through Upward sports, so it's not much commitment).  Other than that, we are not really doing much.  Every time I try to add to our schedule, God says, "no".  So I am very interested to see what's in store for us.
Initially, I thought maybe I just need to be more available to my family, but the more I pray, the more I feel like God has something big in store.  I have zero clue what it could be.  But historically, anytime God has led me to cut big things out of my life, it's because He has something major on the horizon.
I love to keep a very full social calendar, so this is very weird for me to not have really anything planned.
I could be very off....there could be nothing coming....but it's just unusual to feel so strongly about keeping an open schedule.

So we shall see!  I've also been realizing lately that nothing is insignificant, so what God has in store could be so small on the world's scale, yet a big deal to us!  I don't have a ton to give beyond my family's needs, so I can't imagine it's anything too major.

Anyway, that's where I am at in life.  I am glad to be up-to-date on my blog and finally getting back to normal life.

Phone Photos

A barrage of photos from my phone.....wayyyyyy over due update!!

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 photo 2014-05-29 09.33.31_zpseas1g8cj.png

 photo IMG_20140528_173540_zpsd7s0bxza.jpg

Brannen is our business partner and one of our most favorite friends. He is so great to our kids!
 photo 20140527_100134_zpsb9qon6hx.jpg

 Swimming with my baby
 photo IMG_20140526_225534_zpsur28zgy3.jpg

Caleb's homemade rocket. This was the summer of purge, so the kids got creative!  photo IMG_20140522_125827_zps7pwdqr6c.jpg

Chloe showing me her love for horses and trying to convince me to buy one (it has since changed to dogs).
 photo IMG_20140521_130715_zpstk89o21i.jpg

I mean, come on, how cute is this kid!  photo IMG_20140521_102951_zpsx7t0lkke.jpg

Luke has the spiritual gift of cute sleep!  photo 20140521_002332_zpstwkd629o.jpg

Photobombing his sleep!
 photo IMG_20140521_002419_zpsiybwlwlt.jpg

 photo 20140520_160052_zps4haezt7u.jpg

Fake sleeping
 photo 20140520_125741_zps6soaxloy.jpg

 photo IMG_20140519_124948_zpszgxwyjnp.jpg

 photo 20140518_215524_zpsf5qsgtqo.jpg

 CrossFit kid
 photo IMG_20140516_130805_zpsmciittw5.jpg

Rosa and Taylor graduated!!

Our sweet friends, Rosa and Taylor, graduated from Boca Christian!
Rosa spoke at the ceremony, and Taylor gave a wonderful speech at baccalaureate.

I am so proud of these girls!!  They started college this morning!!!

 photo IMG_20140531_220133_zpseu5bgcq1.jpg

 photo 20140531_182837_zps3aynbjmr.jpg

 photo 20140531_182549_zpsvble1tgw.jpg

 Brannen and Danny stole my phone!
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 photo 2014-05-31 21.44.51_zpsnrcvp0yv.jpg
 photo 20140530_205852_zpsgxzgyof3.jpg

 Luke, so patient, sitting through it all!
   photo 20140530_203339_zpscly0jo2t.jpg