Wednesday, March 30, 2016

These Days...

My kids are so awesome. They each do things that I always want to remember.
I know I won't remember everything now, but I am hopeful to get better about writing stuff down.

Chloe leaves out the word "has" in sentences. She says things like, "She been gone all day."

Levi can't say "s", so every word is missing an s. Kids go to "hool", and he takes a "hower". When I can't understand him, I add an S.

Caleb has the most amazing wit. His jokes are perfectly timed. He talks often about me killing his fish, which is hilarious.

Luke thinks he's big time because he has learned two cuss words. When he is really mad at me, he says, "I am cussing at you in my head."
On time he said one part of a cuss word he knew, which is "Oh my".
It's not funny that he likes to cuss, but it's so not who we are as a it's just so randomly funny.

Every child has a night time routine:
Levi: he asks me to tell him a story about Chuck E Cheese and asks if Chuck E was there. Then I pray and sing "I love you Lord"

Luke: I tell him a story from when I was a kid. I scratch his back (not rub) and sing "I love, I love". Then pray.

Chloe: She loves to play with my hair so I will stay longer. We talk. I sing "Sanctuary" and pray. She has me pray for Mia (her adoptive sister to be), getting a puppy, and whatever her urgent needs are.

Caleb: He likes to talk about life and deep things. I pray while rubbing his back (no scratching) and sing "Open Up The Skies Of Heaven". Then pray.

Every morning, Levi wakes up and demands Paw Patrol, apple juice, and a bagel.
Luke asks for "toast, two of each" (butter and jelly)
Chloe asks for three bagels and apple juice.
Caleb eats waffles or toast.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday, Caleb

10. Double digits.
I can hardly believe it.

Caleb is who made me a mom, so I am always so emotional about his birthdays.
Part of me feels like he was born yesterday, but he mostly feels like he's been in my life forever.

I adore this awesome boy. He is so much like his daddy. His first born personality makes me smile. He is so careful and thoughtful. He cares about right and wrong. He is maturing and getting more adventurous, but he always weighs his decisions. I like this about him.

 photo IMG_0070_zpsqwkthrt3.jpg

Caleb is into all things boy. He loves throwing the football and shooting hoops. He and I hang out in the driveway a lot playing sports. He recently became a Cam Newton fan and dabs at any opportunity. (Even when he coughs into his elbow!) Caleb is also into Minecraft and Madden...and looks forward to video game days!

 photo IMG_9307_zpsmxmjggyy.jpg

Caleb has the most incredible wit of any ten year old I know. His cerebral comedy is perfectly timed and so on point. He is so so so funny. I am seriously impressed by his timely wit. It's not always kind, but it's always amazing.

 photo 058CE713-C4BB-4B16-BACD-C3094AEBF60A_zpswtbbuf6k.jpg

I am so grateful for this amazing boy. I always wonder what he will be when he grows up. He has such a sharp mind and doesn't miss anything. I know whatever he becomes, he is a gift to this world.

Happy birthday, Dig Dug. I love you so much!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016, so far

I am so behind on my family blog. Which is my constant excuse.
I was sick for about 3-4 weeks, and it was so miserable. I got behind on everything.
We've also traveled a ton, so I can't keep up.

The highlight of my travels so far was when I went to Austin for a Noonday conference. It was such an amazing weekend, and I had an absolute blast!! My roommates were beyond amazing, and it was just the best.

We've gone to Brett's parents a few times for various things, and we've gone to the Keys (my fave).

The first two months of this year have flown by, and I barely feel like I've kept my head above water. Besides being sick, our days are so, so good. It's been a somewhat restful season of life. Our business has been a lot of work because we've made some major transitions in how we are doing it. And I am always growing on the bookkeeping side of things. It's all for the better, but it has been taxing. Besides that, though, our days are pretty laid back. I feel like we haven't been as social as usual, which is due in part because of how sick I was. It was just a bad cold, but I couldn't shake it.

We celebrated Luke's birthday. We had a low key playdate with cake and friends. Chloe made him a birthday table which was super sweet.

Caleb turns ten later this week, and my mom is taking he and I to New York City to celebrate!!

Life is passing by so much faster than I can keep up with. I hate how fast time passes, but I am loving life so much. Our kids are in such a great phase right now. They're so easy to take anywhere and still young enough to like me!

I am so beyond grateful for this life I get to live. It just keeps getting better!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday, Luke.

This boy. He is so awesome. Luke is such a snuggler, and I love how he buries himself into Brett and me. He mostly prefers to snuggle his daddy with his "big fat belly", as Luke likes to say! This kid is honest...beyond honest. He tells it like it is. Which is somehow endearing. I think it's because he is so funny when he is brutally honest. But on the flip side, he gives the sweetest compliments...and you know he means what he says. He will tell me if I look pretty and that he loves me.

Luke and I share the same birth order in our families, and we also share many of the same characteristics. He is stubborn and tenacious, like his mama. And he loves to laugh. He does this deep belly laugh that is so awesome. Every time he starts laughing and can't stop, it makes me laugh, as well.

 photo IMG_9920_zpsfbpsspu8.jpg

Luke brings so much fun to our family. He keeps things lively and fun.
One thing we all laugh about is he will say things like,
"You're such a show off."
"You think you're so fancy."
And it is so hilarious.

 photo 6CA482F7-3288-43F0-BD03-AD5AE88D8023_zpsrl443uyt.jpg

This year, Luke started school...and he is an awesome student. He gets his work done quickly and learns fast.

 photo IMG_9801_zpsm4a8lbjd.jpg

I am so proud of my Pookers. Every night before bed, he requires me to sing his song ("I love you, Pookers...") and tell him a story about when I was a kid. He also pretends like his eyes are too wet to fall I have to stay longer and tuck him in.

I adore my sweet, spunky boy. He is so wildly awesome. He is all boy and loves to fight Caleb. But then he loves to hug and snuggle close.

I cannot believe my boy is six.
Happy birthday, sweet Luke.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Caleb: "Luke left my ipod in the garage. To get it back, I had to use ninja moves to get over the top of the car, make a leap of faith to avoid a cockroach, lean far to grab it, then ninja back over the car, and roll off the side while holding it (the ipod)."

Me: "Couldn't you have just walked around the car?"

Caleb: "That would have been less heroic, Mom."

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: A Year In Review

I am not sure if I've ever been so glad for a year to be over.
I know, technically, that January 1 is just the day after December 31...but the closure of one year, and the expectation of the upcoming year is what my heart desperately needs.
2015 had many, many wonderful moments. For which I am so grateful.
My kids are all growing into these amazing little people that I become more obsessed with every day.
After a decade of diapers, I am FREEEEEEEEE!! (And now I have a third boy who can't aim in the toilet. But whatevs.)
I wrote a book.
I started a side business. And have met some amazing women.
I spoke at a couple of mom's groups (which I love!).
I am finally in a good rhythm with homeschooling.
My friendships with incredible women grew deeper and more meaningful.
I traveled a lot, which I enjoy so much.
In many ways, 2015 was an awesome year.
But, dang, it was a hard year.
Three friends of mine lost children. Which is beyond unbearable.
A couple of friends lost their marriages. Which is hard.
Our business is growing, but we've undergone a lot of changes this it's been stressful and a lot of work.
The dailyness of life felt very daily a lot of days.
The hardness of my own life is very first world, but it's still hard nonetheless.

I realized that I have a little bit lost sight of what I do have...while focusing on what I don't have. A lot of ungratefulness. A lot of frustration. It wasn't my best year. It was a very stretching year. It was a very good year, in many ways! 

I am really hoping 2016 is a bit easier. I know the goal in life is not comfort. But, if I am being honest, I would like a break from the little stressors of life. 

In the end, however, I made it through. I have never changed so much in one year. I hardly recognize myself some the stretching has been worth it.

I started the year focused on minimalizing my possessions, my commitments, and my life. It has been hard because I used to fill my voids with stuff (shopping, home projects, etc). And I sort of had to face feeling a lack. It was not easy but so good. My house feels lighter, and my brain feels lighter! I am thankful!!

This was my year to "do hard things", and I would say that was very much fulfilled. I ate healthier. I ran a 10K. I wrote a book. I spent more time at home. And also traveled more.

Overall, I am very thankful. Thankful for the hard. Thankful for the boring. Thankful for the hope I have in Christ that this is a new year!

New Years Eve

Florida State played (and lost) the Peach Bowl against the University of Houston on NYE day. We had our FSU friends over to watch the game and hang out!! It was super fun.

For NYE, we went to Julia Mollohan's house and had a great time!! I didn't take pictures, but I got tagged in this one!

 photo nye 2015_zps0ozklvfv.jpg

We actually left before midnight because we were tired from our earlier party...and rang in the New Year at home!