Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Living Life

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Stuff We Did

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Meet Daisy...Chloe's bird!
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The Keys

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Chloe's Art This Fall....

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Chloe made mini DVDs for her dolls.
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Inside Out characters
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The Zoo

We are members of the Palm Beach Zoo, and we have loved visiting this Fall!!

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Grammy and Pappy gave Caleb their old TV. He and Luke can now play Xbox in his room!
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The flash woke up Levi, but they're sleeping this way!
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Chloe wanted the same hair I had in my wedding. Swoon.
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Halloween at the Hartzell's
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Always reading!
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Luke lounging in my room! I call this pillow Jerry (because Brett needs it to sleep...Jerry is short for geriatric since he's an old man)
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Levi uses his room as a toilet...then smears it...he fell asleep covered in poop. So nasty. He's done this many, many times. It's so gross. He doesn't usually fall asleep.
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