Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Caleb: "Luke left my ipod in the garage. To get it back, I had to use ninja moves to get over the top of the car, make a leap of faith to avoid a cockroach, lean far to grab it, then ninja back over the car, and roll off the side while holding it (the ipod)."

Me: "Couldn't you have just walked around the car?"

Caleb: "That would have been less heroic, Mom."

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: A Year In Review

I am not sure if I've ever been so glad for a year to be over.
I know, technically, that January 1 is just the day after December 31...but the closure of one year, and the expectation of the upcoming year is what my heart desperately needs.
2015 had many, many wonderful moments. For which I am so grateful.
My kids are all growing into these amazing little people that I become more obsessed with every day.
After a decade of diapers, I am FREEEEEEEEE!! (And now I have a third boy who can't aim in the toilet. But whatevs.)
I wrote a book.
I started a side business. And have met some amazing women.
I spoke at a couple of mom's groups (which I love!).
I am finally in a good rhythm with homeschooling.
My friendships with incredible women grew deeper and more meaningful.
I traveled a lot, which I enjoy so much.
In many ways, 2015 was an awesome year.
But, dang, it was a hard year.
Three friends of mine lost children. Which is beyond unbearable.
A couple of friends lost their marriages. Which is hard.
Our business is growing, but we've undergone a lot of changes this year...so it's been stressful and a lot of work.
The dailyness of life felt very daily a lot of days.
The hardness of my own life is very first world, but it's still hard nonetheless.

I realized that I have a little bit lost sight of what I do have...while focusing on what I don't have. A lot of ungratefulness. A lot of frustration. It wasn't my best year. It was a very stretching year. It was a very good year, in many ways! 

I am really hoping 2016 is a bit easier. I know the goal in life is not comfort. But, if I am being honest, I would like a break from the little stressors of life. 

In the end, however, I made it through. I have never changed so much in one year. I hardly recognize myself some days...so the stretching has been worth it.

I started the year focused on minimalizing my possessions, my commitments, and my life. It has been hard because I used to fill my voids with stuff (shopping, home projects, etc). And I sort of had to face feeling a lack. It was not easy but so good. My house feels lighter, and my brain feels lighter! I am thankful!!

This was my year to "do hard things", and I would say that was very much fulfilled. I ate healthier. I ran a 10K. I wrote a book. I spent more time at home. And also traveled more.

Overall, I am very thankful. Thankful for the hard. Thankful for the boring. Thankful for the hope I have in Christ that this is a new year!

New Years Eve

Florida State played (and lost) the Peach Bowl against the University of Houston on NYE day. We had our FSU friends over to watch the game and hang out!! It was super fun.

For NYE, we went to Julia Mollohan's house and had a great time!! I didn't take pictures, but I got tagged in this one!

 photo nye 2015_zps0ozklvfv.jpg

We actually left before midnight because we were tired from our earlier party...and rang in the New Year at home!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Last Photo Dump of 2015

Chloe has been BEGGING for a dog all year. This showed up under my door one morning.
 photo chloedog_zpse4fsg5aw.jpg

Inside Out characters. By Chloe.
 photo inside out_zps6vfz9oss.jpg

This girl LOVES fishing with her dad!
 photo chloefish_zpshkikwjrv.jpg

She lost her front tooth!!
 photo chloetooth_zpsezi7w3yz.jpg

We went to the Keys for Thanksgiving.
 photo keys1_zpsf3mwrara.jpg

My parents 40th Anniversary (how awesome is that!)
 photo family1_zps5cnhejhz.jpg

A Noonday Collection show at the Office Depot Foundation
 photo noondayrosa_zpsatcy5kfd.jpg

Rosa and I at the Apex Christmas party
 photo pic1_zps1ekef3tf.jpg

Sand angels on Christmas Eve
 photo sandangels_zpswsmbdeqz.jpg

Luke and his chair bear, Spanky
 photo spanky_zpsftkmnfek.jpg

Chloe put these in the window of the car where she sits.
 photo window_zpsc2kgzmma.jpg

Monday, December 28, 2015

My Kids Are Funny

Caleb, when asked to eat his dinner with a fork instead of his hands:
"I'm not Queen Elizabeth."

"Let's just say Miriam and John got divorced."
- Caleb's solution to Joseph missing from our Nativity set

"For my 9th birthday, will you throw me a surprise party? I want to pick the theme and who to invite. Then I'll forget all about it so you can surprise me. But if I don't forget about it, we will just call it a party."
- Chloe (11 months away from her birthday)

Would you rather have $5 or go to jail for 5 minutes and get a million bucks?

Me: Go to jail, obviously.

C: What would you do with all those deer?

Me: blank stare

C: I said bucks. You'd have one million deer. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve

To continue our Christmas Eve tradition, we went to the beach for Christmas Eve.

 photo E6566EDA-0801-4F75-929A-53A0A6A658EB_zpst24tcik5.jpg

 photo FA1D6BC5-AFF9-42F1-A151-73708304F22D_zpsw2mzjfm4.jpg

 photo 0F96C272-1F0E-4944-8F95-C33DD6DD3072_zpspdyicrd8.jpg

 photo D09B1E0F-2771-4111-B25B-58D13B40AD3A_zpszbn8xpe4.jpg

 photo 0F8D64DC-6596-43A7-B4F4-8DC6154B6EAA_zpsswndlrso.jpg

 photo E91C9A93-7296-4855-9677-FA8F93774F7C_zps1fznbrth.jpg

 photo CDD81823-2C99-4D6D-867F-3A4F52F2ACB9_zpsniclu0mf.jpg

 photo A68D44A0-3B37-467B-ADC7-FB5EC1091AE6_zpszxowuaj2.jpg

 photo 1A9B4C2E-ACE7-4768-965A-E97B9EDFD9AB_zpsd0dyue2z.jpg

 photo F296F5FA-345A-42E1-8EBA-5D6C69AF1507_zpsqvegb1ya.jpg

 photo F69DA15B-1DC6-4901-9EEE-CC4858A34B7A_zpsa4kjpkos.jpg