Thursday, December 18, 2014


Caleb tells me he took a poll of the kids, and Dad is their favorite parent by 80%.

When I asked what made Brett the best parent, Chloe said, "He is so ridiculously funny."

Which, coincidentally, is why he's my most favorite person ever

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I'm watching The Great Christmas Light Fight with my kids (which I highly recommend if it airs again).

Caleb said with the biggest smile, "I LOVE this! I love how they're so nerdy."

{I teach my kids that nerds rule the world. So this is a compliment.}

Monday, December 8, 2014

Funny Quotes

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"Without Nerf, boys wouldn't be who they are."

To Brett: "Dad, what's it like to have super strength?"

A Chloe story:

Every single time I go to the grocery store, Chloe asks me to buy party decorations.
She's always planning a party.
Today, it's her invisible friend Gracie's birthday.
And Gracie also wants a present.


Before church yesterday, Luke asked me if he could wear Levi's khakis because he "wants them to feel skinny".   (Luke doesn't like shorts that touch his knees, so 2T shorts avoid that problem.  Even though he's a 5T)

Luke and Levi's room

Last week, I deep cleaned my kids' rooms.
If you're saying to yourself, "she seems to do that a lot," you would be correct.
We had only been home a week, and I got one bag of donations and two bags of trash out of their rooms.  It was awful.

Sometimes when I deep clean, I rearrange their furniture.  It is amazing what I find, and the kids always love the newness!!

As I was doing this to Luke and Levi's room, I thought to myself, "I wonder how much longer I can keep Levi in a crib?!"

Within a very short time, I would have my answer when Levi walked out of his bedroom after laying down for his nap.  He climbed out!!

Levi has been in a crib 6 months longer than any of my other kids, so it was time.  But it was very weird putting away the crib!!

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This was fun to find.  Caleb used to be in this room, so it was fun to find his signature!
 photo 20141202_193308_zpsgmaqs7jl.jpg


Caleb is notoriously known for making his school work funny.
Perhaps it's a coping mechanism to get through it.
Perhaps he likes to make his teacher's day!

This takes the cake.
All about that bass.  (Note to those reading this in the future: All About That Bass is a hugely popular song right now)
 photo bfbcb0df-94fc-4375-ab66-0188b41c77f3_zpsf78b8ee0.jpg

I posted to FB, and this got so many comments.  He is just hilarious!

Post Nutcracker

Chloe loved The Nutcracker so much that she was obsessed for days!

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The Nutcracker

I took Chloe to see The Nutcracker for the first time, and she LOVED it.
We went with her friend, SJ, and they had a great time together!

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