Friday, April 24, 2015

Brain Heart

Me talking to Chloe (in response to a boy saying she is pretty): You are pretty, and you're heart is even prettier.

Caleb: She has an ugly heart.

Me: Lecturing about how we treat Chloe.

Caleb: Mom, everyone's heart is ugly. I'm talking about her real heart, not her brain heart.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Keys

We went to the Keys with Brett's brother and his family and best friend from high school and his family.

We had the BEST time.

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"Mom, I skrunked my pencil."
- Luke

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Easter 2015

We spent time with family and friends in the Keys for Easter.
It was a Salt Life celebration: no fancy clothes, no make-up, pool hair.
Just perfect.

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 photo IMG_20150406_174224_zps8m9z9llz.jpg

A real injury in an imaginary world!
 photo 20150406_172349_zpsvkgybzen.jpg

A Surreal Moment

 photo 20150328_195507_zpsalubokng.jpg

Three of our children looking at our banner on the field of the Lynn Lacrosse team Brett trains.
This is the fulfillment of so many dreams and prayers.
Our kids are just the best.
Our business is our dream come true.
It's amazing how one picture can capture so much.

Lynn Knights

Brett trains the Lynn University Lacrosse team, so we love to go to their games.
Chloe and Luke were picked to participate in the Geico Gecko halftime game. They loved it and won the coolest geckos!!

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