Monday, October 24, 2016

Conversation with Caleb

Me to Caleb: You are such an awesome kid.

Caleb: I am.

Me: Was that a statement or a question?

Before he can answer...

Me: Was that declarative or interrogative?

C: Mom, please don't.

Me: I am your mom and your teacher.

C: You are my mom and a non-avid book reader.

Me: {puzzled by this observation}

C: Mom, I read your blog books. I first started reading because I was curious what you wrote, but once I started it was...(breaking out into song)...A WHOLE NEW WORLD! Now I know everything about you.

You all know I write a public blog, but I also have a private blog where I record my family's history (funny things they say, pictures, etc). Before I wrote publicly, I would write on my personal blog to no one but myself. I print it off each year...expecting my kids to enjoy it when they're grown...not to use it against me while they're still little.

This kid and his wit are my favorite.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bedtime Routines

Bedtime is super important to me. It's a time to spend a few minutes with each child. I like to end the day on a positive note.

Levi is usually exhausted from VPK, so I lay with him first. First, he talks about his day. His speech is not fully developed, so I don't always know what he is saying. He HATES going to Chuck E. Cheese, but every single night asks for a story about Chuck E. Cheese. These are mostly made up, but he loves hearing all about my tales of Chuck E. Then, I sing, "I Love You, Lord," and pray. He goes to bed easily.

Luke snuggles in as closely as possible. He will NOT fall asleep until I've laid with him. He will throw a huge fit if I take a night off. We talk and snuggle. He makes me laugh and does silly things...and also asks serious questions...but only wants short answers. Long answers make him regret asking. LOL! I tell him a story about when I was a kid; he picks the topic. He will always come up with an obscure story topic (you were in school and pooped in your pants and got were swimming and a shark bit you...) and ask, "Did it really happen?" before I start the story.

Chloe and Caleb usually want to be laid with together. They talk about the day and tease each other. They're getting to the stage where they ask deeper questions. It's great. We talk for awhile. They try to prolong my stay by playing with my hair. It always works. I pray then sing their songs. Caleb's is "Your Kindness Leads Us To Repentance" and Chloe's is "Sanctuary".

My kids all stay up pretty late, but they sleep great! It just takes awhile to wind down.

I love bedtime!! It's the highlight of my day!

Luke Says...

"I don't want to get married."

"I don't want all these annoying kids to be running around. I don't want to spend my money making room for them in my house."

I have a feeling that will one day change.
For now, he is so hilarious and says the funniest things.

Luke is in speech therapy because he can't say the R sound.
However, when he speaks in a British accent, he says it perfectly. His speech therapist and I think this is the funniest thing. If only he were British, speech would be easy...

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Much Overdue Update!

This blog has been so neglected this year.
I started taking my professional writing more seriously.
I work two part time jobs (PeopleTek and Apex).
Four kids is consuming.

I expected to let this blog go.
But I found Caleb reading and enjoying old blogs recently, so I decided to keep it up.
Life is busy, but the memories are worth it.

Life just keeps rolling along, faster than I can keep up with. Our lives are full but good.

My boys are LOVING sports. They're super into football and love tackling each other on the regular. Dabbing is the thing, and I love watching them play sports.

Chloe is experimenting with the arts, starting piano next month.

Levi is in school and loving it.
I am in my 6th year of homeschooling, and it's our best year yet.
I am loving the time I get with my kids.

My kids are hilarious and awesome and I cannot get enough of them. They are the best.

Caleb is smart as a whip and his wit is impeccable. He is his father's son, and I love watching him become a young man. He is precious and kind and so much fun. He loves to talk with me about sports and video games.

Chloe has seemed to mature overnight. She is feisty and fun and makes me smile. She is playful and her goal in life is fun. I often find her playing alone, writing in her journal or playing Barbies. She is a social butterfly and enjoys her friends.

Luke is hilarious. He has become quite the clown. He picks up on little nuances and acts out funny things. He is stubborn and strong, and he is tender and sweet. He is my little snuggler and loves to hear stories about my childhood.

Levi's speech is taking off. He is in a major tantruming stage, and he is hilarious. He loves his way, but he is easy going and goes well with the flow. He chats to himself often and is silly. His favorite time is playing with Chloe.

I am loving this stage of life. We've turned a corner into an easier stage, and I love it!!

Levi's School Assembly

The cuteness of this was TO DIE FOR!

All week I asked Levi what he would be singing, and his reply, "You'll see when I am on stage!"

 photo IMG_8131_zpsxhad6lvd.jpg

 photo IMG_8136_zpsxejvjutg.jpg

 photo IMG_8137_zpsvjups2wm.jpg

 photo IMG_8138_zpsxtdmbewk.jpg

 photo IMG_8141_zpsvsdnv1jt.jpg

 photo IMG_8149_zpsjojjcjag.jpg

Trip to Crystal River

 photo IMG_8104_zpsns6bcnjl.jpg

 photo IMG_8105_zpsi6zbqumn.jpg

 photo IMG_8108_zpsqmjdkch8.jpg

I didn't take many pictures, but we had an absolute blast at the Sawyer's!

Is He A Teenager??

Levi, all of a sudden, turned into a teenager!

 photo IMG_8048_zpswvz6zy8b.jpg

 photo IMG_8048_zpswvz6zy8b.jpg