Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh, Luke

Luke is hilarious.  Like SO SO SO hilarious.
Without trying to be.
I cannot even get over how precious and funny he is.  It's just so cute.  Had he been my first born, I would have worried myself sick over his behavior.....but now it's pure entertainment (mixed with some infuriating situations).

True story:

Last week, he would not eat his breakfast.

Would you like to know why???

It's because it passed in front of his sister, and, in his words, he can't eat food that passed in front of anyone.  Yes, I said PASSED.  She did not touch it or look at it.  And he literally did not eat until lunch.

Luke has a hard time saying nice words.  He definitely plays the role of mischief to get attention in our family (even though we give him lots).  
I told him, "In our family, we say Jesus words that are kind, encouraging, and true.  We love God and say nice words."
("Jesus words" is an easy phrase for them to remember).  
So matter of factly, he replied, "I don't even KNOW God."

Which is accurate.  He has not yet chosen to follow Christ, and therefore, he truly doesn't know Him.
The fact that he knows that is impressive.  

Everyday, this kid makes me laugh with his silly, funny antics!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Photos

Our sweet friend, Mariana Rodriguez, took family pictures for us.
As our family of 6, we've never had real pictures taken before, so I was SO excited!!!
Our little boys were not cooperating at all, so I am so impressed she managed to get any good picks....much less awesome ones!!

This is the "must have" picture....I have a picture like this from each stage of life! photo 4F3A2831_zps274566f9.jpg

Oh, my MEN!! I LOVE this picture!!!!  photo 4F3A2845_zps087ebcb5.jpg

 photo 4F3A2849-2_zpsbca44654.jpg

Daddy and his precious girl
 photo 4F3A2843_zpsdca7ed56.jpeg

Disregard my double chin :) My sweet girlie and me  photo 4F3A2856-3_zps5ed55628.jpg

 photo 4F3A2904-2_zps3e6a43c5.jpg

 photo 4F3A2909_zpsbb1d43f2.jpg

My oldest and youngest
 photo 4F3A2925_zps827f2abe.jpg

 photo 4F3A2940_zps9065803c.jpg

This looks like a magazine ad:  photo 4F3A2941_zpsdb7e4571.jpg

 photo 4F3A2942_zps71e574f1.jpg

Brett made them all laugh....  photo 4F3A2944_zps23dba7ee.jpg

 photo 4F3A2951-2_zpsc7e7395e.jpg

 photo 4F3A2951_zpsb6570b15.jpg

 photo 4F3A2956_zps1927cc2b.jpg

 photo 4F3A3008_zps63a52787.jpg

 photo 4F3A3020_zps328e40e9.jpg

 photo 4F3A2972_zps2884e3cc.jpg

 photo 4F3A2977_zpsae71ed0f.jpg

 photo 4F3A3002_zpsa4562d5c.jpg

Monday, June 23, 2014

Levi is 2

 photo 4F3A2922_zps29fa78ef.jpg
Photo cred: Mariana Rodriguez

My sweet, precious, full of life baby is no longer a baby.  On June 15, he turned 2.  (How we got here.....to where our youngest of four is TWO.....I just can't even grasp it).

I adore my Beebers more than I could ever explain.  He is just......perfect.  Even though he is not much younger than the other kids, he somehow is our family mascot.....we all just love him to pieces.  Everyone practically smothers him with love.  He is definitely the baby!!  We all just think he's the best.

Levi makes us laugh on the regular.  The only word he can say is "mama", so instead of learning to talk, he just screams and points.  Surprisingly, it's quite effective.  Haha!

The Beeves (other nicknames: Beevers, Leviticus, Ruebenstein, Moisha---don't ask on the last 2, LOL) is so precious.  He loves to give "sugars" (kisses) and snuggle.  He is very active and keeps up with the big kids quite well.  He is daring and wild, mostly because he's 2 trying to act 8.

Favorite foods: black beans and rice, grapes, strawberries, NutriGrain bars

Sleeping habits: screams and jumps in his crib for like 2 minutes, then lays down and falls asleep quickly.  He takes one nap a day.

Likes: social functions (if I put my shoes on, he puts his on....as to say "you're not leaving me home"), playing with balls (he will shoot baskets in Caleb's room for long periods of time), playing in the kids' kitchen, painting with poop (not even kidding; he's done this like 10 times....so nasty), baths (probably because of the poop, haha), running around outside.

Dislikes: the word "no", riding in a stroller, riding in the car for long periods of time, missing out on anything social

I love love love love my little Levi.  He is beyond sweet, and I love to snuggle and play with him.  I am so thankful God chose this little boy to complete our family (for now, at least) because he is more than I could ever ask for.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


My sweet friend, Emily, texted me a cool conversation she had with her young son last night.

I thought it was so cool and really blessed my heart.

Today Chloe told me she hopes we get her sister by Christmas.
I told her to "Ask God."

Chloe replied, "God already said yes a few days ago," in a very assured obvious tone....suggesting that we don't need to re-ask God for something He already promised.
So humbling and precious.

If you need me, Hunter and Chloe will be mentoring me in my Christian faith.......because these two kids are incredible.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Faith Like A Child

A cool story happened this week, and I want to record it on my blog....in case it actually comes to fruition.  It will be neat to see how God orchestrates it all.

About a week ago, I was reading Rhinestone Jesus (which I highly recommend), and the author talked about "dreamstorming" with God.  I've been in a weird life tension lately (another blog for another day, but basically feeling like God is about to bring some change to my life but I don't know exactly what).  The idea of dreamstorming---writing out all of your heart's desires and dreams---struck a chord.  God gives us dreams for a purpose, so I think that writing out those dreams can be very helpful.

One of the dreams I wrote down is that I really would like a 5th child.  Because of miserable pregnancies and four c-sections, I would realllllly prefer not to have another baby (though God hasn't given me peace to totally shut that door, the idea of pregnancy and another c-section is hard for me to grasp).  BUT, I really feel like we are supposed to have five kids.

I've not really explored the idea of adoption past letting God know I am open to it.  That's just not the phase of life we're in.  With our business, family, homeschooling, etc, my plate is more than full.  However, more than any other dream, this one resonated in my heart the most.  I guess I could say I felt peace to start praying about adoption.

Fast forward to last night.  As I was tucking Chloe in for bed, she said, "I really want a baby sister."  I shared how I'm done having kids, so if she wants a baby sister to ask God to show us if we're to adopt a child.  (She specifically wants a sister, because, as she puts it, "there are enough boys in this house").

She prayed and asked God for a baby sister who has "black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin".

All day today, Chloe has dreamed of her new sister.  She's brainstormed names, even trying to come up with a nickname.  She tells me she wants to care for her and do all of the work herself.  She tells me I can teach her how to take care of a baby, but she wants to be in charge of her sister.  Chloe went through the house and collected anything that her baby sister might need (blankets, stuffed animals, etc).

My girl has prayed no less than 10 times for God to bring her a sister, whose name at the moment is Flora :).

Earlier this afternoon, Chloe asked if she could look on the computer to find her sister (I had to explain that's not quite how it works).  She looked at pictures of babies, and after scrolling through hundreds, Chloe asked to print off the picture above because it looks the most like what her sister will look like.

I went out to dinner with a friend tonight, and when I came home, Chloe ran up to me, "God said YES!  He said YES!"

Chloe said she prayed again for a sister, and God told her yes.  She even added, "He said 'yes, in two months.'"

Childlike faith is the most beautiful.  I do not doubt God spoke to my sweet girl.  Though I don't know what the future holds, as I said, I wanted to record the day we had today.....on the slight chance it comes to fruition the way she dreams!!  I would love a sweet little baby girl.  So we will see what God has in store!!

No matter if it's 2 months or 10 years, I do feel like this is the route we will eventually take. At this point, the baby would literally have to show up on our doorstep because we aren't actively pursuing any options.  God knows, so I trust Him.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Great Admission

I used to be the best parent ever.
I knew the best way to calm a fussy baby.
I knew how to discipline a child with success.

And then, I had children.  Four of them, to be exact.

All of my great theories disappeared the day my first child was born.  
Because OH MY GOSH, children are hard to raise.  And there is no formula for success, as much as I really wish there were.  

The longer I'm a parent, the more I realize I have no idea what I am doing.
The more people ask me for advice, the more I say, "I have no idea, but I do pray a lot."  

So, friends, I ask you......

Could we all just admit we have no idea what we're doing??

We are ALL doing the best we know how, that's for sure.  And, believe me, I invest my life into my children.  But, in the end, I have no control how they will turn out.  

Having four kids has been the greatest gift in my life, because they are all so very different.  What works for one child fails miserably with another.  I have picky eaters and eaters that prefer fruit and veggies to chicken nuggets.  I have kids who are compliant and kids whose spiritual gift is arguing every single decision ever.  I have kids who make me look really good and kids who attempt to humiliate me on the regular (they aren't usually successful because my dignity left like two kids ago).  

The very prideful person I was before having children has been humbled A MILLION TIMES OVER.  
And I am 1000% better for it.  

So, moms and dads who feel like you have no idea what you're doing, but you're friends all seem to....I will let you in on a little secret: 

they're liars.  

They may pretend to have it all together.....and they may even feel like they do.....but I can promise you they do not.  Because it's too complex and too vast to ever really know what you're doing.    

So, moms and dads, who are fumbling through this child raising gig....wondering how the heck to do it well.... you're in good company.  And you're doing a way better job than you think.  


Thursday, May 15, 2014