Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bye Bye Trees

Our house has the tallest pine trees. They're a nuisance to our yard and are dangerous...because they're so tall. We finally had them cut down, and it is such a relief to have them gone!


 photo IMG_9300_zpswngbxrbq.jpg

 photo IMG_9301_zpsnzgvckce.jpg

 photo IMG_9304_zpsoaveopeb.jpg

 photo IMG_9335_zpsurlqwh8i.jpg

 photo IMG_9336_zpsqvonumay.jpg

 photo IMG_9338_zpsohtawlio.jpg

 photo IMG_9370_zpsfzdvin5a.jpg

 photo IMG_9371_zps0onkg0qm.jpg

 photo IMG_9372_zpsrjofirkf.jpg

 photo IMG_9415_zpsggmoh7x1.jpg

 photo IMG_9416_zpsoxcusdue.jpg

 photo IMG_9417_zpsd6pon1oi.jpg

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