Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Child One Day

Going back through my posts, I realized I had a few blogs I wrote but never published. One is when I was wavering between adopting or birthing our fourth child.

One thing is for sure: our family is not complete. I cannot explain that other than I just know.

For awhile there, I was strongly contemplating adopting, but for now, I am leaning more towards birthing the last child. In fact, I am most certain, God willing, that is what our plans are.

We are trying to decide when to try to have a baby. And by "try", I mean get pregnant. I have many weaknesses, but fertility is not one of them. In case you can't tell.

Our kids are fairly close, so one part of me wants to get pregnant in about 9-10 months....and be done. Forever!!
But another part of me wonders if I should take a longer break.

See, I have this really weird feeling (that is probably not going to happen) that I will have twins. For one, Brett has always wanted five kids, and I only want four. Things just seem to go his way, so this would not surprise me. My aunts are twins, so it is not likely but not far reaching either.
Not knowing I was already feeling this way, my sister called me a few weeks ago and said, "You know you're going to have twins if you get pregnant again." Random!

I know the probability of twins is so low, so this is a stupid thought. But knowing I want to be done with four, it just makes me a little nervous.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.....stay tuned.....til, at least, 2012...LOL!


  1. I love reading your thoughts on this....I have the same plans/feelings although I would like to have twins next time so I can knock it out in only 3 pregnancies! Although I must is I that wants 4, not Jordan....he doesn't know what he wants but I kNOW its NOT 5 hahaha...maybe Brett can work on getting him to 4 :) for me...he's not against it but not convinced yet. l love how conversational your writing is. It's easy to read and makes me want more! You should write a book.

  2. My advice to you? Even though you don't really need it because this is your life? Don't have the next one far apart. My older brothers and sisters have such a close bond because they are so close together and I've always been envious of that. Even today I am still kind of shut out because I am still looked at as the baby of the family. I don't like it at all! I wish I grew up with them, shared some of the same memories they do, and was "in the loop" I guess you could say.

  3. Anonymous blogger, thanks for your comment! I should have "sooner or later", I mean, wait 9-10 months or wait 14-15 months...the biggest gap I want is 3 years. I am not talking about a 4-5 year break! Sorry, I was not more specific!

  4. I can't wait until you guys have another baby! You have such cute, great kiddos!


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