Saturday, January 14, 2017

Chloe's Party Planning

Brett took the boys to work with him, and while they were gone, Chloe planned a surprise party for Luke...complete with decor and cupcakes!! His birthday is next weekend, but she wanted to celebrate early. This girl LOVES to party plan, and I bet that it will be a part of her future!

 photo IMG_9342_zpsnxximjy5.jpg

 photo IMG_9345_zps34l4enwz.jpg

 photo IMG_9349_zpsvp15kgto.jpg

 photo IMG_9350_zpsr6fz3vvn.jpg

 photo IMG_9353_zpslkive700.jpg

 photo IMG_9356_zps600c9c9p.jpg

 photo IMG_9357_zpslywd2p4u.jpg

 photo IMG_9358_zpsc7n7jhk0.jpg

 photo IMG_9360_zpsmuctt2md.jpg

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  1. Lovely party!! Few days ago have planned a party that was arranged at venues in Los Angeles. Had invited all my dear ones for the event. Everyone was very much happy and was having great fun. Loved to organize such an amazing party.


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