Saturday, January 1, 2011


I do not think I have ever been more excited for a new year than I was for this one. I know some people say it's just another day, but I disagree. There is something fresh, new, and fun about a new year.

Looking back at 2010, there were so many amazing many. At the same time, though, it was definitely the hardest year of my life.

As I look back....
I first think about the good:
We welcomed our third baby, Luke, into the world. Having three kids has been a blast. All of my kids have grown and changed in wonderful ways this year. They are hilarious, fun, sweet, and cute (and I am not one bit prideful, apparently). I can honestly say I go to bed every night so happy and thankful for the life I am living. My husband is the best, and we have the best time together. I have never laughed more with him than I have this year.
Our house in Kansas sold in 10 weeks, for the price we wanted.
God provided a wonderful rental home for us.
We moved to be near our best friends, and being near them has been wonderful in every way.
I met awesome friends very quickly.
My kids adjusted so well to our new home.
The cost of living is much higher here, and yet, God has graciously provided.
Brett and I have both grown tremendously in our faith. God has stretched us but blessed us. The ministry opportunities we've had has been tremendous and amazing.
We love where we live! Such a beautiful city, in desperate need of Christ's love, redemption, and restoration.

2010 was so good.

And 2010 was so hard....
Brett has spent most of the year battling an unable-to-diagnose sickness. It's not too serious, but it's irritating and unending. Though he has fought to stay positive during the sickness, it has been exhausting.
We did our sell our house fast, but we also showed it 44 times in 8 weeks. Exhausting. And we moved out of the house we've had our entire marriage and brought all three kids home to.
We said goodbye to friendships that we've invested our lives into. Of course, those friendships remain, but it stinks not being able to see them each day.
I moved away from my family.
Moving halfway across the country was work. Fortunately, we hired movers, so it was easier than it could have been!
South Florida is an amazing place to live, but the people are definitely much ruder than in the Midwest. While it is entertaining, it has taken some adjustment to get used to.
Though God provided us a great rental, I am not a fan of renting, and I have missed owning a home. My home is important to me, and I don't feel like our rental is home. And I have a hard time with that, especially since we feel like we'll be here long term.

I do not want to sound like I am complaining. I just want to document the reality of my life. Through all of the hard times, though, God has been so faithful. And He has never failed us. As I said, we have both been stretched in crazy ways, but our relationships with Jesus are deeper than ever. I would not trade one moment of this year.

I actually remember praying this day last year, "God, there is so much that has to happen in the next few months for us to go where you've called us. From where I stand, it seems absolutely impossible. Yet, I know with You, all things are possible. Though I have no clue how you will work out all of the small details, I trust You."

And oh my, as I look back, I am absolutely blown away that EVERY SINGLE DETAIL, no matter how small, fell right into place. Nothing was left undone, and the Lord amazed me how He took care of everything that was important to me.

God is so good. Even during the hardest year of my life, He is still good. And I love my life. I can't believe how blessed I am. Thank you, Jesus, for an amazing year.

And I am totally looking forward to 2011.

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