Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Grass Is Always Greener...??

Chloe was not the easiest baby. She wasn't terrible (or anything close), but she definitely cried a lot. Not as extreme as colic but she cried.
She liked to be held (and still does!), but if I would put her down, she cried. I tried everything: bouncy seat, swing, etc. Nothing worked.

Chloe's birthday is September 10. The birthday cut-off in Kansas is Sept. 1. While living there, I went to a bible study with the same cut off. So, when she was 15 months old, she was in a class with 3 month olds (she born in Sept '07 and others born in Aug '08...all in the same grade....which isn't a big deal in Kindergarten but is a huge difference as babies.)
Naturally, they had all the infant gear. And, oh my goodness, she loved it all. As a ONE YEAR OLD, she would swing in the swing for as long as the teachers would let her. She would eat Cheerios like she loved them (but would not touch them as a baby).

Even now, as a three year old, given the opportunity, she still likes baby gear. My friend came over yesterday with her 6-week old baby, so I got our bouncy chair out.

The baby did not like it, but someone else did....


This picture would be even funnier if Luke was still at the age where he used the chair, but he, too, is way too big!

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  1. The picture is too cute! I love how Luke is looking at her like, What are you doing?! Lol


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