Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey, At Least I Leave An Impression

It is no secret that I have a very weak stomach.
Brett jokes that I throw up if the wind blows wrong.
When I am pregnant, I puke consistently for 20 weeks.
When I am a passenger in a car, I get very car sick (and sometimes puke).
I joke that I have thrown up in most every airport bathroom I've ever been in.
As a child, I threw up so much that I would sometimes get in trouble (and I do not blame my parents. I once threw up at the sight of wet paper towels. Weird, huh?)

At Islands of Adventure a few weeks ago, I mistakenly rode the SpiderMan ride. Side note: I can ride roller coasters with absolutely no issues. Go figure.
Well, as per my MO, I got very sick.

After leaving our friends, I got this text.


I could not stop laughing.

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