Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lifestyle Change

It has been over two weeks since I weaned Luke. In case anyone is keeping track, Brett and I will be married six years next month. Of those 72 months, I have been pregnant and/or nursing for 61 of them.

And in those six years, I have gained 140 pounds. And lost 130.

Typically, nursing my babies takes my weight off fairly quickly. But this time around, ten pounds has decided to linger. I guess there's only so many cookies nursing can burn off.

Up until my first pregnancy, I exercised regularly and ate well. I got pregnant with Caleb, and oh my, my habits changed quickly. Mostly because the only thing I could hold down was french fries, and I discovered how delicious fries are!

My exercise regiment has been spotty, at best.

Because we are planning to have one more child (eventually), I want to get the extra weight off before getting pregnant. For the first time, I am actually content with what I look like (hello, I have three kids...I would have expected much worse, to be honest)....but I do want to be healthy and more disciplined with my health.

And it has nothing to do with the fact I will be wearing a swimsuit on our cruise next month.

As of Monday, Brett and I both decided to make some lifestyle changes. We are not starving ourselves, but eating healthier meals with smaller portions. I eat until I am satisfied but not stuffed. I have three children to take care of, so I cannot extremely cut calories because I would be a nightmare to be around!
We are also exercising. Oh my, what a difference it makes to do this together. We've been taking walks with our kids in strollers down the Hollywood Beach boardwalk, doing the 30 day Shred, and pushing our kids to the park instead of walking.

I have to say that I am loving our lifestyle changes. I feel so much better. I get a sense of satisfaction from knowing I can say no to treats.

Brett and I are having so much fun doing this together! During the 30 Day Shred tonight, he was making me laugh so hard that I could barely do the work out! Our kids are outside more and enjoying the family time.

We are having a "cheat day" every Sunday. Through the week, I am saying no to unhealthy food, but I am not going overboard. If we are eating at a friend's house or something, we will not be picky. Just eat less. This perspective has actually made it so much easier. Knowing I can have something if I want but choosing better options has made a difference in my success so far (its only been 3 days).

I am still drinking Diet Coke because, well, I just like it.

I honestly have balked at getting healthy for quite awhile. I love late night snacking and treats! But now that I am "on the wagon", I am surprised how much I am enjoying it!

Once I hit my weight loss goals, I will be more lenient but more mindful of my eating.

But on our cruise, I will not be mindful of my eating. No matter what! (This is our first real vacation since our honeymoon.)


  1. Good for you! Tony and I are trying as well. We do good at the beginning of the week and then taper off only to start back up on Monday! :) I have a stubborn ten pounds I'd like to lose as well, but I'm also not totally unhappy with how I look. So, I guess my only motivation is I definitely feel better when I eat better. Who doesn't?

  2. I'm impressed! You can do it!! Sounds like a great plan that will work because you're doing it together!!

    On another note... I also had 10 pounds to lose recently... not due to 3 kids... due to growing older and eating terribly and no exercise. I did Weight Watchers. I am a HUGE fan! It basically does all that you are doing- but for some reason, I just loved the accountability and the way the work the program. So if you need another extra motivation- I highly recommend it!


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