Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Chloe has entered a phase where she is afraid of monsters under her bed. I cannot figure out whether she truly is afraid or if she figured out a way to get her way.

A few nights ago, I let Caleb and Chloe go to bed together. When Brett works nights and I am really tired, the bedtime routine is much quicker if they go to bed together. All they do it play, but then when I eventually separate them, they go to bed quickly!

Anyway, on this night, I heard, "Mommy, Swiper is under my bed."

It was time for them to separate, so I went upstairs. When Caleb went to his room, Chloe screamed, "I'm so scared of Swiper. I'm too scared to sleep in my room or your room*. I need to sleep with Caleb."

Because sometimes it is just fun to be indulgent, I let them sleep together in Caleb's room. They didn't wake up Luke, so I am guessing they went to sleep fast. In the morning, they told me they talked and laughed all night....but I didn't hear them, so I am not sure!

Since then, every couple of hours throughout the day, Chloe will say, "I'm scared of monsters."

Today, in the car, Caleb replied to her, "I'm not afraid of monsters. I could beat up the monsters. Even monsters with eight knives." (Boys are so graphic, aren't they? I swore my son would never talk like that....umm....I have eaten my words!)

Chloe said back, "I can't beat up monsters, even monsters with one knife. But I can beat up lions."

Never a dull moment....

*That reasoning makes me think I'm being fooled

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  1. Sarah, We are in this SAME spot. JUST last night Lucianna came out in the morning speaking of monsters. The way I approached Swipper (who was a few months past) was he was our friend. He just wasn't sharing. So when we watch Swipper we speak to the TV and remind him to share so he can play with us. We like to share with our friends. As for Monsters, I was not sure how to handle that one. She couldn't understand last night it was in her head. I told her to pray to Jesus to ask them to go or to ask mommy to come (hopefully I show up in her dream), but other than that I am at a loss :(


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