Monday, February 21, 2011

The Riverdance

A few days ago, the Riverdance on Ice came on TV. The responses to it completely describe my family, in a nutshell.

Brett completely mocked the Riverdance. I was in pain from laughing so hard (laughing is really painful on my incision). His humor is my favorite, and he definitely had some witty things to say.

Caleb, whose hero is his daddy, imitated Brett the whole time. Except that he does not understand sarcasm. So, in his effort to be funny, he was actually kinda mean (he is not typically mean, so that does not actually describe him). But because I knew he was imitating Brett, I was very entertained by the peanut gallery.

Luke, who loves life, just clapped and laughed the whole time.

Chloe...oh my precious, precious Chloe. This girl has the sweetest heart of anyone I've ever met. She loves to dance and marches to the beat of her own drummer, which I absolutely adore. While the boys were mocking it, my sweet girl went upstairs, put on "skates" (socks), and learned the Riverdance.


A better picture of her skates

Brett and Caleb on the couch making fun of it. Luke running around laughing. Chloe joining in the fun and dancing her heart out. Yes, that pretty much describes my crew.

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