Sunday, January 29, 2012


Tomorrow is my favorite day of 20 week ultrasound!!!!

I am PRAYING my precious baby cooperates so we will know what the baby is.

I am about 99% it's a girl. It has definitely felt like a girl pregnancy, but I could obviously be wrong.

Chloe told me that God told her it's a girl, so her faith makes me think it's a girl, as well!

Chloe is so sweet with this baby....she kisses my belly often. She talks to the baby and tells me she will take total care of the baby once it's here. I love how much she adores "her" baby already, so it would be fun, for her, for it to be a girl.

I am definitely fine either way. I am just excited to know! We don't have any names picked out yet, so at least we will be able to eliminate half of them :).

I cannot wait to see my precious baby!!!!!!!!!

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