Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby #4

I drank that nasty glucose drink awhile ago, and I am trying to distract myself from the fact that I feel like I am going to barf. I was thinking how funny I have been during this pregnancy. Having done this for the 4th time in 6 years, I find it quite funny how laid back I am this time compared to the first (and probably second) time.

Yesterday, someone asked me how far along I am. I actually don't know. I am somewhere in the mid-20's....25 or 26 weeks?! With Caleb, I knew to the day how far along I was. Granted, I did not have any kids or a job, so my pregnancy was my main focus.

I also have so much more faith with this baby. Because God has blessed me with 3 incredibly healthy kids, I have so much trust this one will be great, as well. I definitely pray for him a lot, but it is more from a place of faith than fear.

I still hate the glucose test. It wouldn't be so bad if I could eat, but I seriously feel like I am going to barf :(.

I am pleasantly surprised that I am just as excited about this baby's milestones as I have been with the others: I love hearing the heartbeat, feeling his kicks, and praying for him! Those things never get old, and I am so thankful each time I feel him move or hear his heartbeat. Babies are so amazing, and this baby is just as amazing as my others!!

As probably my last pregnancy, I hopefully never have to drink that nasty drink again (if and when I pass!)!!! Can you tell how much I loathe it :).

I cannot wait to meet my little boy. Three more months!!!! I am so tired of being pregnant that I am sort of wishing the time away. I just do not like who I am while pregnant...I am so much nicer when I am not pregnant....that I really want it to be over with. I also want to hold my sweet bundle of love!!! He is going to be absolutely precious and wonderful!! I can't wait!!

Off to the doctor.....

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  1. Thinking about you and your precious little boy! Lots of prayers that the rest of your pregnancy will go by fast for you.


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