Monday, April 30, 2012


I like being cozy. I love staying inside on a rainy day. I love comfy, welcoming beds. I love warmth on a cold night (a rarity in my part of the world). I love coming home from a date with my man, taking off my cute clothes, and putting on my house clothes. I just love being cozy.

Something recently has made my life even cozier. My amazing first born son, Caleb, loves being cozy too!! Last night, we had company, so he slept in Chloe's room. For some reason, he chose the floor (a bed was an option). He said this morning "I can't wait to sleep in my cozy bed tonight".
Or on Saturday, it was pouring rain. He said, "let's get cozy and watch a movie."

It is such a silly thing, but I love how he has adopted a love for being cozy :)

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