Saturday, May 26, 2012

Things That Make My Life Awesome

Here is another edition of awesome things my kids do to make me laugh. I may mention things I've said before, so forgive me in advance:
- when I kiss Luke, he licks his finger and wipes off my kiss. Or he uses his shirt to wipe it off. I have no idea where he got this!
- Chloe LOVES baby Levi. This could be a post itself. One day, loud music was playing and she held his "ears" (my tummy where she thinks his ears are) because he doesn't like loud music, according to her!
She talks to him, hugs him, and simply adores her brother to be! It melts my heart.
- Chloe calls me "mama" and sometimes have a southern twang. No clue where she got it from but it's so cute!
- Caleb loves toys! He spends a lot of time talking about toys, trying to earn money for toys, and browsing the Internet to find the perfect toy.
- Caleb is very thorough and takes his time to make a good decision. I like this about him.
- Luke doesn't stay in his bed at all. It can be frustrating but it's also so funny. He likes to go in Chloe's room to play, which she loves. Caleb likes the quiet, so it's good for all!
- when Luke gets mad, he's only funny because I know it'll pass. But when he gets his serious face, it's hard to not laugh.
- lately, Chloe has been obsessed with heaven. She cried one day when she realized her pet dog couldn't go to heaven with her.
- Luke is SO picky. He has strong opinions on what he wears (age 2), what cup he drinks out of, and pretty much every other detail of life. He isn't picky all the time, but when he decides he wants something, he screams until he gets it.
- my three kids play together so well. They do fight but it's way less often than the amount of fun they have! Nothing is cuter than Chloe hysterically laughing with her brothers!!
There's more but I'm hungry and want to eat, hahaha!
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  1. Was Chloe crying about her invisible dog not going to heaven?


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