Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fun Facts About My Family

Some random facts about our family:

Brett and Levi were born in the same state (FL). Caleb, Chloe, and Luke were born in the same state (KS). I stand alone (born in Indiana).

My boys were born on odds days (3, 15, 21) and my girl was born on an even (10).

No one is our family is born in the same month.

Chloe is the only person born in an odd year (2007).

Everyone in our family either has 4 or 5 letters in their name (not on purpose).

Having two C names and two L names was entirely coincidental.

Luke is growing up the same exact as me: 3rd child with an older brother then sister and a younger brother. That's my biological family, but my parents raised my cousin (so he is more a brother) and then adopted my sister when I was married.

All our kids having family middle names (James, Grace, Weston, and Brett).

None of my kids have been to one day of school in a regular school. I'm not anti-school at all, but even many homeschoolers have sent their kids to school at some point (preschool, etc).

I was the last of my siblings to have kids, but I have the most kids (and I doubt anyone plans to catch up, haha).

Brett and I have been married 2 months short of 8 years. I've been pregnant or nursing (or both) a baby for 6 years and 3 months of those years. It'll be 6 and 1/2 years by the time it comes around. I think we will one day look back and think we were crazy....but for now, it's just our normal. And I love it!

Anytime I've had a baby, I still had one in diapers.

I have a college degree but have never worked for pay in our marriage (except some random odd jobs but nothing consistent). Brett's my sugar daddy ;). I did enter our marriage with $32 in my checking account :).

I'd say I've earned my keep though :).

When we got married, I had never cooked a meal in my life (well I had cooked one that was inedible). I'm actually a pretty good cook now (I still don't enjoy it).

Brett and I have always given away more than our ability to afford it, but we've never missed a bill or been in debt. I assure you this is miraculous on every level.

We've lived in 3 homes in our 8 years. Except Levi who has only lived in one.

When we got married, we knew we wanted 4-5 kids. I am good with 4; Brett still wants 5. We will see.

Those are some fun Williams family facts!

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