Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Before

This week, I am doing the official summer room switcheroo (that will last well beyond summer).

I haven't done the switch yet, so there's no after pictures yet!

Our current office that will be Caleb's new room:

(I love panorama pics)

Notice the nasty carpet:

The homeschool room (with already madeover chairs) that will remain the homeschool room. It will now have the office desk, which will help tremendously with school!
When we need to look stuff up or print stuff off, it's right there!

Thinking far down the road, with three boys in the house, we want the computer to be out in the open for their protection! If you know what I mean :).

This room is weird for me. It is the first room you see when entering our home. I would so prefer it to be beautiful, but in this season of life, it serves our family well to be functional over beautiful.
Chloe crafts literally every day, and I love the freedom this table offers for her imagination.
The boys pop in from time to time to do art, as well.

During school, it is very helpful to keep everything in once place!

Before we put the big table in, we barely ever used the room. So it is nice to maximize the space.

Anyway, here's the before:

Also notice the carpet. Ewww.

The carpet in this house has been here since 1988. It was in surprising good condition when we moved in, but it has deteriorated quickly. In addition to my kids making messes, it is just too old to revive.
Someone we know saw the nasty condition of the carpet....and offered to replace it for us!!
I have wanted new carpet for a long time but it just wouldn't work with my bank account :). I am super excited!! God is always so faithful to bless us!! It's not just a cosmetic thing; it really is old and nasty.

As soon as we get the rooms rearranged, I will take after pictures. It may be awhile, though. We have a lot on our plate :).

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