Monday, June 23, 2014

Levi is 2

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Photo cred: Mariana Rodriguez

My sweet, precious, full of life baby is no longer a baby.  On June 15, he turned 2.  (How we got where our youngest of four is TWO.....I just can't even grasp it).

I adore my Beebers more than I could ever explain.  He is just......perfect.  Even though he is not much younger than the other kids, he somehow is our family mascot.....we all just love him to pieces.  Everyone practically smothers him with love.  He is definitely the baby!!  We all just think he's the best.

Levi makes us laugh on the regular.  The only word he can say is "mama", so instead of learning to talk, he just screams and points.  Surprisingly, it's quite effective.  Haha!

The Beeves (other nicknames: Beevers, Leviticus, Ruebenstein, Moisha---don't ask on the last 2, LOL) is so precious.  He loves to give "sugars" (kisses) and snuggle.  He is very active and keeps up with the big kids quite well.  He is daring and wild, mostly because he's 2 trying to act 8.

Favorite foods: black beans and rice, grapes, strawberries, NutriGrain bars

Sleeping habits: screams and jumps in his crib for like 2 minutes, then lays down and falls asleep quickly.  He takes one nap a day.

Likes: social functions (if I put my shoes on, he puts his to say "you're not leaving me home"), playing with balls (he will shoot baskets in Caleb's room for long periods of time), playing in the kids' kitchen, painting with poop (not even kidding; he's done this like 10 nasty), baths (probably because of the poop, haha), running around outside.

Dislikes: the word "no", riding in a stroller, riding in the car for long periods of time, missing out on anything social

I love love love love my little Levi.  He is beyond sweet, and I love to snuggle and play with him.  I am so thankful God chose this little boy to complete our family (for now, at least) because he is more than I could ever ask for.

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