Sunday, October 19, 2014


As I have already written, I am a strong advocate of family traditions.
The sense of identity it gives a family is immeasurable.  
Traditions can change and adapt throughout the years, but just doing fun things on a consistent basis is what's important.  

If you're in a place of wanting to start family traditions of your own, I will give some ideas of what we do.....just to get you thinking.....

- We celebrate half birthdays.  Nothing extravagant....usually just some cupcakes and the acknowledgement of it.  I would love to go all out for half birthdays (because I think they're so fun), but the way they fall in the year (one close to Christmas and two close to two real birthdays)....we keep it simple.  

- Pizza and movie night on Friday.  Brett coaches high school football, so this one isn't consistent.  But we try to do it as often as we can.  Pizza is an easy (and cheaper) way to feed my crew.  I don't actually watch the movie because I don't like this is a fun time for the kids to snuggle up with Brett.  (I don't apologize for not watching the movie.  I spend a zillion hours a week with my kids.)  

- I lay with each of my kids every night that I am home (which is most nights).  While at Kanakuk Kamp one year, Joe White told us that he laid with his kids every night before bed to talk with them about their day.  For some reason, this struck a chord with me, and I decided I would do that with my kids one day (I was probably 15 at the time).  And I do.  It's not out of obligation.  This is, by far, my absolute favorite part of my day.  They're at their most sweetest, and it's so much easier to share your heart in the dark room.  
As an added treat....Chloe is a kinesthetic learner, so she constantly has to be moving.  When I lay with her, she can't help but play with my hair.  It is glorious.  

- Our anniversary and my birthday are in February, so Brett and I opt not to celebrate Valentines Day (it just gets to be too much in one month).  Instead, he brings Chloe flowers and takes her out on a date.  She LOVES this day.  

- We make a big deal of the first day of school.....even though they're homeschooled.  I do the same interview each year and take lots of pictures.  

- I do a photo shoot each year near each of their birthdays....just in our back yard.  

A few things I haven't done but would like to start, at some point:
- a party to celebrate the longest day of the year
- Christmas in July party 
- first day of Spring party
(I obviously like parties!)  

These are just a few of our traditions throughout the year.  

Any traditions are great!!  

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