Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boca Christian Fall Festival

We love going to the Boca Christian Fall Festival.  It's always so fun!!  Levi stayed home with Brett, because he was exhausted and needed a nap!

 photo IMG_20141025_224332_zpsvjyiwt4q.jpg

 photo IMG_20141025_224241_zpsxns5wwf5.jpg

 photo IMG_20141025_224159_zpsqwfr2pnd.jpg

 photo IMG_20141025_224039_zpsqkfqla08.jpg

 photo IMG_20141025_223927_zpsydo0iuxw.jpg

 photo IMG_20141025_223849_zps4exeyzoq.jpg

 photo IMG_20141025_223744_zpsjnqunnxy.jpg

Luke won't take a picture with me!  So that's why there's not one of him :)

 photo IMG_20141025_223356_zpsb9shwlgo.jpg

 photo IMG_20141025_223257_zpsmpafakuf.jpg

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