Monday, August 17, 2015

Harley's Baptism

Harley is our friend and gym client...he prayed to receive Christ recently and got baptized!!

It was such a special event for us! We are so proud of Harley!

 photo B8F85296-CC1F-4F30-8D0B-AFD0E29E1421_zpspedf4og5.jpg

 photo EB5460DE-3633-482E-8161-3647074CD504_zpsdize5mgh.jpg

 photo E20D47A4-7D79-4426-B13C-B946FC0D9213_zpsevyd0a4t.jpg

 photo CA4CAA39-334D-43EC-8634-C69F6880274A_zpsjgnvhcsu.jpg

 photo 915B0601-9554-4CB2-8D65-7B42836B8104_zpspkw2afdq.jpg

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