Wednesday, March 30, 2016

These Days...

My kids are so awesome. They each do things that I always want to remember.
I know I won't remember everything now, but I am hopeful to get better about writing stuff down.

Chloe leaves out the word "has" in sentences. She says things like, "She been gone all day."

Levi can't say "s", so every word is missing an s. Kids go to "hool", and he takes a "hower". When I can't understand him, I add an S.

Caleb has the most amazing wit. His jokes are perfectly timed. He talks often about me killing his fish, which is hilarious.

Luke thinks he's big time because he has learned two cuss words. When he is really mad at me, he says, "I am cussing at you in my head."
On time he said one part of a cuss word he knew, which is "Oh my".
It's not funny that he likes to cuss, but it's so not who we are as a it's just so randomly funny.

Every child has a night time routine:
Levi: he asks me to tell him a story about Chuck E Cheese and asks if Chuck E was there. Then I pray and sing "I love you Lord"

Luke: I tell him a story from when I was a kid. I scratch his back (not rub) and sing "I love, I love". Then pray.

Chloe: She loves to play with my hair so I will stay longer. We talk. I sing "Sanctuary" and pray. She has me pray for Mia (her adoptive sister to be), getting a puppy, and whatever her urgent needs are.

Caleb: He likes to talk about life and deep things. I pray while rubbing his back (no scratching) and sing "Open Up The Skies Of Heaven". Then pray.

Every morning, Levi wakes up and demands Paw Patrol, apple juice, and a bagel.
Luke asks for "toast, two of each" (butter and jelly)
Chloe asks for three bagels and apple juice.
Caleb eats waffles or toast.

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