Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Too Late to Apologize

I really like that song by One Republic, but I do need to make a public apology. A little late.

I recently printed off my on a real website, not just my home printer (which I had been doing). There are a few things I noticed about my blog.

1. I need to apologize for my terrible errors. I never proofread my blog...mostly because I write in a hurry or when I am tired, so I am just rushing to get done. I actually did pass English in school, so please forgive my many many errors.

(The following are observations, not apologies)
2. I am SO glad I blog. There are so many things that I would not have otherwise remembered. I know my blog is mostly about my children, and most people are not entertained. But I really love looking back through old posts!

3. The printed off blog looks like a yearbook, which made me think of a lot of high school memories. Which has nothing to do with blogging, really.

4. My kids love looking through the blog book. They love seeing themselves from their early years (you know, since they are SO old). They ask me to tell stories about the pictures. What an awesome family treasure!!

5. Time flies. Way too fast.

6. My kids all look exactly alike as babies. I thought Luke had a different look, but no, he looks just like the rest.

7. Buying quality baby gear was wise because most everything has lasted through all 3 kids. Caleb and Chloe laugh when they see themselves with Luke's toys.

8. Buying all boy colored stuff was a bad move, since Chloe had to use it all. It did not stop how girly she is, though, obviously!

9. If I had any super power, I would stop time. I love the ages my kids are right now. They are all at that perfect stage....Luke is so fun but not mobile or demanding. Chloe is hilarious and sweet. Caleb is maturing (quickly) and can do a lot of things without my help, yet when we are out in public, he always checks to make sure I am near.

10. I thank God for what an awesome life i have. Only He could be responsible for how fortunate I feel for the people I in my life.

(I did not proofread this, so obviously I did not learn my lesson. Motherhood calls, though....)

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