Saturday, July 17, 2010

One on One Adventures

Spending one-on-one time with our children is very important to both Brett and me. Though we want a big(ish) family, we value individual time with each of our kids. We call them "Daddy Adventures" and "Mommy Adventures".

Back in Kansas, Caleb always opted to go with Daddy to the "fish store" (Bass Pro Shops). Chloe always chose to go to Starbucks (for a cookie) then to Petland to look at animals. I would typically stay home with the other child and spend quality time with them....while taking care of Luke.

Fortunately for Caleb, Bass Pro is right up the street from our new house, so that is still his place of choice. Tonight, as Brett and Caleb were leaving for their Daddy Adventure, Brett told Caleb, "You are the best boy." Caleb replied, "I know that, Dad. God tells me all the time."
All of the parenting in the world cannot replace when God Himself speaks to our children. Some people may doubt it, but children have not been jaded by the world....and I truly believe they experience God in more amazing ways that we will ever know.

While they did their man thing, Chloe, Luke, and I went to "Uncle Donald's" (McDonald's) for an ice cream cone (or Chloe). Diet Coke for me.

Chloe is hilarious. She loves to talk, and her voice is absolutely so precious. She says the most darling things. But she also loves to make observations. Which is sometimes fine. And sometimes totally embarrassing!
Tonight, while eating ice cream, Chloe was pointing out things around McDonald's. A man walked by our table, and she said VERY LOUDLY while pointing, "There's a black man. A black man. Mommy, see the black man?!"
It is merely an observation. She notices people who look different and points it out (though she knows God created all of us). Being the only white people in the restaurant did not make that experience too fun. Memorable. But embarrassing!

Just last week, as our waiter walked off from our table at Chili's, she said, "That boy has mountains (breasts)." Because mountains are not hard to infer, I am hoping he did not hear!

When children say inappropriate things, there is just nothing I can do. Except lose another ounce of the dignity that I am trying desperately to hold onto!

In other news, we went to the beach today. That outing takes a lot of work, but we all love the beach! Our kids, especially, enjoy it!! Caleb loves to play in the sand. Chloe loves to get in the water (while we hold her). Luke always takes a nap under the umbrella. It still feels like we're just on vacation. Hard to believe this is our new reality.


  1. Sarah! I didn't know you had a blog. I saw your link on facebook. So exciting! I can't wait to follow what the Williams' family is up to! Miss you tons!

  2. That's hilarious and I totally know what you mean!


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