Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What A Difference A Year Makes

It seems that I have been repeating the phrase "what a difference a year makes" over and over.

Last summer, we barely took our kids to the pool because neither of them liked the water. They might have put their feet in, but that was about the extent. I was pregnant and very sick with Luke and had a painful hernia, so I did not work too hard to overcome that fear.

You may remember one day awhile ago when Caleb woke up and declared, "I am not afraid anymore" (the same day I had had a dream of overcoming fear). Ever since then, he has seriously been so much braver. He used to be quite timid, but he is not anymore. Occasionally, if he does not want to do something, he will say, "I'm too shy to do that," even if what I asked has nothing to do with being shy.

Back to my point....
I took all three kids to a pool today. I recently read somewhere that you should not let having 3 (or more) children keep you from going on outings with kids. I do not mind taking them on errands or something like that, but kid outings are usually more demanding and require me to juggle all of their needs (and be safe!).

All three kids LOVED the pool. Caleb and Chloe bravely played in the water, without clinging to me. Caleb even went down water slides!! This is such a huge change for him from last summer. I am excited for their new found courage.

One benefit of living where we do is there are tons of water parks for kids. The pools are either very shallow or zero entry, so managing all three children is much more manageable.

I still cannot believe the difference a year makes. In so many ways. But especially today at the pool. Being the third child is beneficial for Luke, I think. He sees the older two kids doing stuff and just follows them, without fear. He splashes in the pool and has fun, something that took my older two longer to get used to (of course, we have more water access now).

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