Saturday, August 21, 2010

Caleb's Favorites

I'm on a role today. Lots of blogging. I've had an all around productive day, which is always quite satisfying.

Tonight, as I was tucking Caleb in, I asked him what his favorite things are about our family members. He replied...

Chloe: "she is my best friend"
Luke: "I love him"
Daddy: "he takes me to lots of cool places"
Mommy: "you give me lots of sugary treats"

And on another note, Chloe has slept in Caleb's room while we have had company. Though no one is here tonight, she is still sleeping with him. We may have to break that soon, but for now, it's quite endearing. Plus, it's storming really bad right now, and the thunder hurts her ears (she is really sensitive to loud noises...except for her own screaming!). Weird as this is: I was terrified of storms as a kid and always had to sleep with someone. So tonight is definitely not the night to make her sleep alone!!

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