Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random Commentary. You Are Welcome.

I have not done one of these in awhile, and though I have plenty of things to catch up on, I'd rather not utilize my brain right now. So I stole this from Alison, who stole it from someone else.

Maybe I should....start exercising. I really need to get back in shape.

I love....the sound of my children's laughter. There is nothing sweeter in the world.

People would say....I talk too much. I am trying to work on it, but I just really enjoy talking. In fairness, I also love to listen to others talk!

I don't people can be so rude. Like, are you really so unhappy that you have to vomit on everyone around you?!

When I wake up in the morning...I pray that my kids will sleep just a few more minutes. No kidding, I pray that every morning. I also do not function properly before 9:30 am.

I two front bottom teeth on Easter Sunday when I was one. I fell on the crib at church and knocked them out. They did not grow back for 6 years.

Life is full of....wonderful blessings. God has fulfilled so many of the dreams of my heart.

My past is full of...laughable moments. I cringe when I think of my immaturity. Not that I am so wise now, but gosh, I was so immature.

I get annoyed when....I can't figure something out. I will not be defeated!! I have completed a lot of weird things out of sheer determination. You can imagine Brett loves this about me.

Parties are....super fun!! I am not very outgoing at first, but once I warm up, I love to socialize.

I wish I had more....patience. Sometimes I snap at my kids, and that is heartbreaking. I wish that I could patiently deal with them always.

Tomorrow I am...going to REST!! I have been either out of town or entertaining company since August 1 (except for 3 days). It was all really fun, but I am ready to rest.

I have low tolerance for....racism. God created us all so beautiful and unique. When people are racist, it is absolutely disgusting.

I'm totally terrified of....frogs. I told my sister just yesterday that I'd rather be in a dark alley with a scary man than see a frog. That's probably not entirely true, but that is the seriousness of my terror.

I wonder why I....have had such a charmed life when other people suffer immeasurably. I am so thankful for everything in my life, but I hurt for others who suffer and cannot figure out why some people are dealt bad hands in life.

Never in my life have I...experienced divorce. Either from my parents or my own life.

High School was....just ok. But the farther away from it I get, the better it seems. I loved playing sports, but besides that, I was not a huge fan of high school. Yet when I think of it, its not as bad as I remember.

When I'm nervous...I have to pee.

One time at a family gathering....I cried. Oh wait, I do that at every family gathering. It's true: in my family, its not really considered a family event until someone makes me cry. I am definitely the most sensitive person in my family (along with my brother, Sam).

Take my advice: marry a man who makes you laugh (and loves Jesus, of course!!). When life gets hard, comic relief is absolutely essential. It's also essential just in the day to day.

Making my one of the first things I do every morning. If my bed is made, my whole room looks nicer, and I like that.

I almost with Brett before we go to bed. We stay up chatting at night about our lives, and I just love that.

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  1. I loved reading these. I also liked the things you love post. My favorite was the ending on the nice number...15 that made me laugh. We are kindred spirits :-)


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