Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things I Love

In the previous post, I had to write about something I love. Instantly, I could think of so many things. So, here are things I love (besides the obvious--Jesus, Brett, my kids, family, friends, etc. That is a given.):

1. My two older kids pronounce "-ed" on the end of words as its own syllable. "I brush-ed my teeth"...or..."Mommy, I ate-ed my sandwich." Oh, and they add "-ed" to most verbs: "I woke-ed up." I do not correct them, because I find it too cute.

2. To eat. I have decided that I will probably never be an uber-healthy eater, and I am fine with that. I enjoy good food. And I really like desserts (which I actually did not like until I got pregnant with Caleb, and now I can't stop eating it).

3. Tucking my kids in at night. We spent a significant amount of time on tuck-ins, and I love talking with my children. Chloe brushes my hair a lot, and recently, we "watch" a movie. We set up our pillows against her headboard and watch a princess movie.
Caleb likes to talk about Star Wars, knights, and pirates. But mostly Star Wars. He will get serious and say, "I have a question for you....who is your favorite Star Wars guy?"

4. Facebook. I am a shameless FB addict. But I love getting a glimpse into people's lives through their status updates. I feel connected to people who I haven't seen in years, so when I do see them, we instantly connect again.

5. Photos. I treasure photos and love to look at other people's, as well.

6. Sleeping in. Yes, I still act like a college student, but oh my goodness, I love to sleep in!!

7. Rainy days. Though I do love the sunshine, sometimes a good rainy day is a fabulous excuse to stay home. I usually am productive on rainy days, which is a bit counterintuitive.

8. Diet Coke. Yummy. After a 6 year relationship, we are still going strong.

9. Chloe's hilarious antics. I talk about them a lot, but oh my goodness, she is constant comedy. She now refers to herself as Princess Peach (a name she learned from her sweet friend, Isabel, who is also Princess Peach. Unless Chloe is having a bad day, then only she can be Princess Peach.)

10. Friendships that are just instant and life changing. Is there anything better than those very rare, yet so amazing, friendships where you instantly click and remain friends for life.

11. Watching old people in love. I dream of growing old with Brett and being that couple that people look at and say, "They are so in love, they act like high schoolers."

12. Being married. Everything is just more fun with Brett around.

13. Laughing. And especially laughing so hard I cry and my sides ache.

14. Praying and seeing circumstances change.

15. Neat, orderly things. Like lists that end on a good number (like 15).

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