Friday, September 10, 2010


When we named Caleb, there were two reasons we chose his name:

1. We really liked it.
2. The Biblical character, Caleb. He and Joshua were the only two Israelites from Egypt who entered the Promise Land. Their faith was remarkable, and we felt that Caleb would be known for his faith and bravery.

At age 4, I can already see that starting to happen, and it is so cool. Each of my children have their own unique giftings. Among others, Caleb definitely has faith! He believes Jesus is who He says He is and will do what He says He'll do. Wouldn't we all be better off for trusting Him at His Word always?

About a week ago, the kids and I were driving in the car. It was pouring down rain, and I could not see the road very well at all. I prayed out loud for the storm to stop.....and it did!!! Caleb and Chloe were talking to each other, so I did not even know they heard me.

Today, it was pouring down rain again. Caleb said, "Mommy, I want the rain to stop. Pray!"
I love his faith!! He saw the rain stop once, so he was certain that it would happen again!


Caleb is also brutally honest and very literal. Even though I know this is not true, it's almost like he can't lie. I will ask, "Caleb, did you hit Chloe?" To which he replies, "No, I punched her."
Our house is sort of a weird design. There is an office off of the master bedroom. Then there is a huge cut-out in the wall of the office that overlooks the downstairs living room. During naptime last week (Caleb sometimes rests in our room), I could hear Caleb playing in the office. I would say, "Caleb, go back to bed." Then about 5 minutes later, I'd hear him again and repeat the same command. This happened for like 30 minutes (I was too tired to go up and enforce it...but also, I do not require Caleb to fall asleep, just to have down time).

Finally, after naps were over (he is allowed to come out at 4, and every day, without fail, he will walk downstairs and say, "There is a 4 on the side of my clock."), I asked him, "Why didn't you listen to me when I told you to go back to bed?" He replied, "I did go back to bed, but then I would just get out again." Very literal! I never said stay in bed!


Last night, as usual, I was talking with Caleb during tuck-ins (one of my most favorite parts of the day). We had this conversation:

Caleb: I want to be an adult because I want to be a race car driver.
Me: If God has called you to do that, then you'll do it.
Caleb (very sad): But, God hasn't called me to do that.
Me: What has he called you to do?
Caleb: He has called me to be a kid.
Me: Being a kid is cool, but one day, you'll grow up and you can do whatever God has made you to do.
Caleb: But I don't want to grow up. Because if I grow up, I will have to move out. And I don't want to move out. I want to live with this family forever. I love this family.

I assured him he could grow up, and we'd still be his family! Even though I wanted to say he could live with us forever and ever!! He is just so sweet. He was so concerned that he would have to move out and live without us.


I may have already written this, but as you know by now, Chloe is obsessed with getting married. Caleb is the exact opposite. When asked why he does not want to get married, he said, "Because you have to kiss a girl. And I am never kissing a girl. Except you, Mommy. I will kiss you. And Chloe. But NO OTHER GIRLS!"

Caleb is such a deep thinker and has the most amazing memory of anyone I have ever seen!! As much as I would love for him to stay little forever, I so enjoy having real conversations with him (real for his age, of course). He articulates his thoughts well, and I love getting a glimpse of what goes on in his little brain. My boy is adorable!!

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  1. What wonderful stories about Caleb! I can't wait for Owen to be that age but then again I don't want him to grow up either! :)


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