Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Prefer To Call Them The Terrific Two's

Tomorrow is Chloe's last day as a 2 year old. If the two's are terrible, then I am lucky...because she's had a terrific year! I mean, she has had her fair share of challenges (as in she loves the word "no", but who doesn't?), but overall, it's been a great year. I love the girl she is becoming. She is a princess in every way, so it is fitting that we're throwing her a Princess Party to commemorate her birth. The party is not for another week, but I will post pictures when it happens!

This is the gift we got her:
I am so excited! I think she's going to love it. Chloe loves to help me cook, so this may make it more fun for her. Caleb will have so much fun playing with her.

Probably my favorite thing about Chloe is how girlie she is. She loves to be delighted in, loves to dance, and changes clothes no less than 5 times a day. She prefers dresses and loves to wear make-up. I paint her nails weekly. She nicknamed herself "Princess Peach" (which she stole from her friend, Isabel, who is the original Princess Peach). When she plays, she is graceful. When she sits, she's dainty. I could not be more proud of my little girl.

Chloe is my precious princess, and I am so impressed how she can be so feminine when sandwiched between two boys.

To end, I have a few funny stories about Chloe (big surprise, I know):

1. I was at Home Depot with all three kids the other day (getting supplies for a project that was a big time fail. To make matters worse, I got attacked by sand fleas and had about 100 bug bites...horrible). We were walking quite briskly. All of a sudden, Chloe abruptly stops and says, "Wait, Mommy....can you paint my nails pink when we get home?"

2. I buy shoes twice a year: the time when Dillard's has their shoes 75% off. Yesterday was one of those two days. (I love nicer shoes because they are so much more comfortable, but they're only in my price range on a mega clearance). Chloe wanted to go with me, and I said to her, "Let's learn how to shoe shop today because every girl needs to know how to do that." To which she replied (as we approached the shoes), "Mommy, I just LOVE these shoes. They are SO cute. Let's try them on."
That made many women around us giggle!! (It is sort of a "had to be there" moment, but trust me: it was adorable!)

3. Tonight, I was telling my kids a story. Chloe was a butterfly, and Caleb was a Jedi. And of course, Luke is Baby Luke Skywalker. I was telling the story, and Chloe interrupted to finish the ending, which went like this (spoken very fast):
"And then the butterfly turned into a princess. And the Jedi turned into a knight. And they got out of the cave, and then they married. Let's marry, Caleb."

Chloe ends every story with a wedding, and Caleb ends every story with a guy getting his head chopped off.

I am so sad my baby girl is definitely not a baby anymore, but I am excited for what the next year has in store!!! Happy Birthday, sweet Princess Peach.

Chloe wanted to match me on this day:

Talking on the phone:

One of her many outfits in a given day:


  1. "Chloe ends every story with a wedding, and Caleb ends every story with a guy getting his head chopped off.".... My favorite line....I reread it 3 times so I could laugh out loud 3 times. LOVE hearing about your sweet sweet kids. She is adorable

  2. Sarah, she is so precious! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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