Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Weird Things You May Not Know About Me

For some reason, one of my most favorite things to know about people is their quirks: what makes them different than everyone else. I find it odd that we only truly know those we live with. There is no one I know better than my husband, kids, parents, and siblings. And it's because you see them when no one else sees them. In true form.

So I think it's so fun when people share their quirks. And because Luke is going through a growth spurt and NOT sleeping well at all, my brain is mush (therefore, I can only write in list format).

Without further ado, here are some quirks you may or may not know about me (in no particular order and things you probably don't actually care about):

1. I have a glass of water with me probably 95% of the time. I think I drink more than most people. Chloe is the same way....she probably drinks 2-3 times what Caleb drinks a day.

2. The texture of baby doll clothes repulses me. (Not the soft cotton ones, but the rougher fabric).

3. I brush crumbs off the counter/table onto the floor, then sweep them up. Brett brushes crumbs into his hand then puts them in the trash. He doesn't understand why I do it the way I do.

4. I do not like to be barefoot.

5. I wash my windows about as often as I have a baby.

6. I never go to bed without brushing my teeth.

7. When I set my alarm, I always do it on a weird time. I never set it for 8:00 or 7:15. I set it for 8:03 or 7:18.

8. I shave my arms. I have for years. It is such a part of my normal routine that I actually forget that most people don't shave their arms.

9. My kids watch cartoons and I check my email and Facebook....every morning while we eat breakfast.

10. I shop for most everything, except clothes, online. But I rarely pay for shipping. I either wait until they run a free shipping promotion or use a site that offers it.

11. If I had the time, I would wash my car every single week (I actually did this before having kids).

12. I would give almost anything to love to cook. I view it as a necessary evil, but I wish I loved it.

13. I loathe reading to my kids. I'd rather do almost anything. Sometimes I feel bad about that. I DO read to my kids; I just don't enjoy it.

14. Some people do not like Facebook, but I love how it connects people. And I feel like it helps me feel connected to the outside world, in the midst of mommyhood.

15. I get really annoyed when all people talk about is how organically they eat. I don't mind if that's your passion or if you eat that way (we eat semi-healthy), but I do mind when it's all one can talk about.

16. That being said, I am really glad that there are some major changes being made in the food industry and hope they continue to. But I still plan to drink Diet Coke and eat fast food between now and then.

17. I sometimes wonder if I overpraise my children. I am genuinely proud of them and want them to know it. I feel like pop-psychologists would say I overpraise them, but I kind of wonder if its even possible to tell someone how great they are too much. I mean, if someone constantly told me how awesome I was, I totally wouldn't mind!

18. I plan pointless things in my head a lot. Like, I dream of conversations that Brett and I will have when we're 80 years old. Or try to pick out a baby name for a child that I am not even pregnant with (Brett just loves when I include him on this).

19. I rearrange furniture every few weeks. I hate when rooms only function one way (which is the case with my current house).

20. I eat really fast.

21. Sometimes when I go to women's events, I eat before I go....because I eat a lot and a cucumber sandwich, while delicious, is not satisfying.

22. I can't decide if I am a rule follower or not. I always thought I was, until I married Brett....and he thinks I am not a rule follower. It bugs me that I am not sure if I am or not.

23. I leave really long voicemails, and I talk too much, in general. Both of these bother me about myself, but I don't seem to change. Which also bugs me.

24. I love to socialize, but I prefer to do chores/tasks (like grocery shopping, cleaning, etc) alone.

25. I think growing old is the coolest. I am so excited for when I am an old, gray-haired, wrinkly woman. Think of the wisdom and life experiences that come with age. And nothing will be cooler than growing old with Brett and watching our kids age and marry and become parents themselves.

Ok, this list is getting long, so I will stop. But, tell me....what are some of your quirks??

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  1. I totally agree about the organic thing! Underneath that one you should have talked about natural childbirth. The organic and natural childbirth bullies :)


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