Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disney World

While Brett and I went to Tallahassee, all three of our kids stayed with Grammy and Pappy for the weekend.

Luke stayed home with his great grandparents (both sets) and his great aunt Sharon, while Grammy and Pappy took Caleb and Chloe to Disney World. I was so sad to miss out on their first Disney experience, but I was so thankful for them taking off work to watch our kids that I did not object!

To say they love Disney is a vast understatement!!

For about a week leading up to the trip, Chloe asked if she could paint her fingernails pink to show all of the princesses. I was not sure if she'd have the courage to show them or not, but she sweetly showed every princess her pretty nails! She even asked Belle to stand up and twirl for her, which she did. My mother-in-law said the Disney princesses are SO nice. Chloe LOVES the princesses, so she was in heaven!

Both kids got their faces painted:

My mother-in-law has the pictures on her camera, so those are the only two I have. They stayed at the park all day and just had the best time!! At the end, they each got to pick out a toy. Caleb picked a pirate ship, and Chloe picked princess babies.

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