Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lupo-Cole Wedding

Our friends, Nick and April, got married on October 9 in Tallahassee.

Brett had the privilege of standing in the wedding as a groomsman.

I always love visiting Tallahassee. I have the best memories from college! Plus, that is where Brett and I fell in love, so I always enjoy the flood of giddy emotions that flood me when I drive the streets.

This particular visit, I drove down Meridian, a street that I drove many, many times through the years. As I was driving, I thought back to the many prayers I had prayed while driving those streets. I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that, in the six years following college, all of my dreams have come true. I have the life I have always hoped and prayed for....and it's even better than I imagined. Since then, God has given me new dreams, but I love that God has blessed me so much!!

I left Luke for the first time, which was hard, but it was very refreshing! He did great. All of my kids did great. I am so thankful for what amazing grandparents they have!!

Brett and I at the wedding (isn't he so handsome??):

My new friend, Sarah (her husband was a groomsman, as well. They went to college in my hometown of Springfield, MO):

Our close friends, Bart and Brooke Schuchts:

One of my close friends from college with her husband, Carey and Luke Lewis. They're expecting a boy in March!! I can't wait!! (And, yes, I promise she's pregnant, even though she's tiny!):

The D'Loughy's, who are newlyweds!!:

I got to reconnect with awesome friends:
Me, Afrika, Amber, Jessica, and Cindy

One of the four apartments I lived in during college. This one was Londontown #183. My roommate's name was Sarah, too, so we called ourselves Sarah Squared.

We had the best time in Tallahassee! Thank you to the Crawford's for their wonderful hospitality!! And congrats Mr. and Mrs. Cole!! Their wedding was gorgeous and so fun!

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