Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Joy That Is My Children



If you know me, I am a shameless mother. I think my kids are the cutest, most hilarious children on the planet. And I am not afraid to say it. Hey, God created moms to be shameless. I do adore these little people.

Most of these stories will not be funny to anyone but Brett and me, but I wanted to preserve them in my memory forever.

- When drinking a juice box, Chloe always asks us to "spread the wings", which means to lift up the sides of the box where it folds over. I have no clue why she does this!

- Recently at dinner, I was trying to convince Caleb to eat something. I said, "Popeye would eat it." To which he replied, "Get him here then." (I should note that Caleb is not easily bribed.)

- I always ask each child what/who they want to pray for at night. Caleb usually makes up friends to pray for: Ooh goo ga, Pu ta du, or some other random name. Chloe ALWAYS prays for "Megan (Eagleburger), Emily (Buxman), Uncle Blake, and Auntie Lissa". But a few nights ago, she added she wanted to pray for lip gloss. I am raising the girliest girl!! I love that about her.

- On a similar note, I overheard Chloe asking Caleb today, "So do you like nail polish?"

- Caleb and Chloe love to play pretend. I get more joy out of listening to them play that than you can imagine! They often play "mom and brother". When asked where the dad was, Caleb said, "he died."

- Caleb is in the phase where he asks tons and tons of questions. But, he only asks them in the car. I love his curiosity!! He already has figured out that God loves bad guys but does not like what they do.

- Caleb has a lot of faith. We pray for most every boo-boo or issue they have, no matter how the kids hear us pray a lot. While driving in the car a few days ago, Caleb asked God to give him dark skin. And Caleb was SO disappointed when God did not change his skin color.

I wish I was more proactive about writing down their hilarious one-liners. Children are truly a joy and such comedy!! I love listening to them talk, especially to one another!

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