Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ah, Children

I am not sure about you, but there have been many times I have been quite embarrassed at the actions of my children....

Chloe often likes to give a very loud play-by-play in the restroom....

Caleb once asked why our cashier had so many red bumps on her face (acne)....

An infant's fart is strangely loud....

There are many other moments: walking out of a store crying because of the tantrum your child just had for all to see....or looking at the very messy floor after leaving a restaurant...or telling your child for the 49th time not to kick the seat in front of them on the airplane...or realizing you have no change of clothes for the child who wet them....

Face it: there is very little dignity in parenting (but, fortunately, lots of blog fodder!!).

It used to frustrate me when my kids were not acting the way I thought they should or needed to in a certain situation.

Then a friend said something that completely changed my perspective: "Our children come into the world with no knowledge. It is our job to teach them."

It is our job as parents to raise children. To teach them right from to act in social to use utensils...what not to say....what to say...manners...respectful tones...disrespectful attitudes.....etc, etc.

I cannot assume my child knows how to act if I have never taught him/her. When I was so embarrassed at Caleb's comment about the cashier, he was showing genuine concern for her owies. He needed to be taught what is appropriate; he did not intrinsically know. (I do think there are some things that kids just know, but most things must be taught.)

So, rather than getting embarrassed at our children's mishaps, we should celebrate the opportunity to teach them. Only through teaching do they learn, and only through learning do they eventually become the responsible, well-adjusted adults we're all hoping to raise!!

In the midst of total embarrassment or complete hilariousness, it is our job to train our children. Extend them grace when they're simply being children....even if you turn eight shades of red and have to apologize profusely in the process.

What totally humiliating, er, wonderful opportunities have you had lately to train your child in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6)?

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  1. Great post! You are going to change the world and be such an encouragement for young moms and wives...and older moms and wives (C:


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