Friday, November 5, 2010

A New List Of Random Things About Me

My brother, Matt, enjoyed my last post about my random idiosyncrasies (and it delighted my soul that he reads my blog...Hi, Matt!), so I thought I'd entertain the blogosphere with round 2 of weird things about me.

- When I read a book, I always look to see who the author dedicated the book to.

- When a bride enters her wedding ceremony, I love to look at the groom's face. That is the best moment of the entire wedding, in my opinion.

- I clean quite often, but I rarely dust. I hate to dust.

- I like to chew ice. Side note: this is one of my mom's biggest pet peeves.

- I think exclamation points were invented just for me!! I love them and overuse them!! Side note: my high school English teacher told us to rarely, if ever, use exclamation points!! She was one of my favorite teachers, but I don't follow that advice.

- When I am pregnant and get sick in a public restroom, I always am worried people will think I struggle with anorexia (since I am not showing at that time).

- I also think they will see my feet turned the wrong way and wonder if I am really a man.

- Clearly, I care way too much what people think about me.

- I still love to send people handwritten cards and am sad to see its a dying practice.

- That being said, though I send them, I think thank you notes for gifts are unnecessary.

- I look at the clock almost everyday at 11:29 (either am or pm, sometimes both). That's my brother's (Matt) birthday, so I always pray for him when I see that time.

- How I Met Your Mother is probably my all-time favorite TV show.

- I think J-LO plays the same character in every movie she's in, but I really like every movie she's in.

- I will not touch other people's feet (except for my kids and Brett).

- I still use a paper planner (calendar) and always will.

- I like people to tell me how a movie ends before I watch it, but I find most people refuse to spoil an ending.

- I love to watch prison shows (reality ones). That fascet of the population really intrigues me.

- I am overly invested in Kate Gosselin's life. I talk about her like she's my best friend.

- Every week, when I watch The Biggest Loser, I wish that I could have Alison Sweeney's clothes.

- I cannot stand when people touch my face.

- I was sad to give up my Kansas license plates, because I felt I could justify bad driving when I had them (as in, people would think I was a tourist, not a resident).

- I drink water out of plastic cups, but I drink Diet Coke and orange juice from glass cups.

- I don't move when I sleep.

So tell me.....what are weird things you do? Any of the above??


  1. We like How I Met Your Mother too!

  2. I hate to dust as well.

    Exlamation points are pretty much the greatest ever!! I often think ppl must think I'm crazy for how often I use them. :)

    I care way too much what people think of me. I am trying to overcome this - harder than one thinks.

    I love to get and send handwritten notes. However, I am awful and getting them sent out!

    HIMYM is fabulous!!

    Feet are DISGUSTING.

    I love watching reality prison shows!!!!! I'm going back to school for my MS in school counseling and I have considering adding on my professional license so I can do clinical work in a jail. I find that population fascinating!

    I used to blog when I was in college and some days I wish I still did. What a great reminder of your past. Maybe I'll start up again one day.

  3. I still use a paper planner too. It is a big event around my house at the end of the year to go pick out a new one. I sometimes go to Barnes and Noble several times before I finally pick one.

    I have recently started watching How I Met Your Mother and really like it. I was just telling my husband that it is kind of like a combo of Friends and Seinfeld.

    I also drink water from a plastic cup and anything with a meal (usually milk) in a glass. I have decided it is because getting a drink of water happens several times a day and using a glass is too much of a committment. I don't want to waste a clean glass for just a drink of water. But it took me a long time to put my finger on why I do it.

  4. I think we may be related... haha... I always want Allison's clothes on Biggest Loser, too! And, I love knowing the ending to movies too. I also love prison shows (reality ones). And I always look at the grooms face when the bride walks down the aisle! Love it! Love your blog!


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