Sunday, November 14, 2010


My heart is full.

I anticipated moving to be really difficult. Though I miss my friends in Kansas SO MUCH, I am so thankful at the faithfulness of God in making the transition much smoother than I anticipated. He has given me great friends very quickly! I can navigate the city fairly well.

Twice, recently, I have been given compliments on my children that more than blessed me. I pour my heart and soul into them, so when someone is kind about them, it makes my day!! There are so many days I blow it as a mom. And there are days when my kids are less than stellar. Yet, I am so thankful that the good days far outweigh the bad (and thankful for children who are so forgiving and sweet. I am also thankful to a merciful God who says, "Love covers a multitude of sin.")

The last few months we had in KC were hard. Not to be overly spiritual, but I really felt the enemy blasting us. We actually were told that the greatest spiritual warfare comes when you're about to make a huge leap of faith, and that was so true. But when we moved anyway, there has been such calm on the other side. Ministry is easier. Our marriage has never been better. Our kids are adjusting well (minus Luke who has decided he liked sleeping better in KC...LOL!! He is still the easiest baby....he just wakes up a lot in the night).

My heart is full. I am so thankful to Jesus for really allowing our first few months in South Florida to be fun, joyful, and exciting. I know life only gets better with Him!!

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  1. I've had fun "updating" myself on your life (C: Our internet has been down for 2 weeks and my internet time is limited. Sounds like things are going so well. I'm so glad!


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