Monday, November 29, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast


About once every three months, I start to cry when I think about my kids moving out one day. It will be here before I know it, and that makes me so sad. I just love the craziness that a house full of kids brings, and even on the hardest days, I would not trade it for anything. True confession: I was actually thinking about how I will react the first time one of my children spends a holiday elsewhere. (In case you're wondering, I concluded I will hold it together well on the phone and even say I am happy if they're happy....but, when I hang up the phone, I will bawl my little eyes out.)

I love being mom. I love being a mom of little kids, who are so innocent, so sweet, and uninhibited.

I know the day will come too soon when they grow up.

And I will miss....
- Chloe sitting on my lap every morning while eating her breakfast
- Caleb asking each morning for "a bagel, milk, and Smile of a Child" (on TV)
- then declaring "you're the best mom ever" when he discovers it's chocolate milk (on occasion)
- Luke crawling around chasing Caleb, both hysterically laughing
- Chloe and Caleb playing together
- the way Chloe says, "Caleb...." when she wants to tell him something fun
- hearing Caleb say from afar, "Mommy, I am building you something in my room, but it's not ready yet"
- Luke snuggling so sweetly
- the sound of giggles coming from my boys' room when they should be napping
- Chloe begging me to lay with her just a little bit longer
- Chloe playing with my hair
- Chloe and Caleb playing "mom and brother"

I could go on forever. It is the ordinary things that I will miss the most when they grow up.

But each time I spiral into an emotional mess at the thought of them growing up, it is often followed by this: when my children grow up, they'll have children of their own. And I'll get to do it all over again. Except on the next go around, I'll be well rested.

And what could be better than watching my children have children??

Thank you, Jesus, for designing life the way You do.


  1. I love these pictures. And you are so right. Time flies and then the next generation begins. And it's marvelous.

  2. Such a sweet post, Sarah. Love the pictures, especially of your kiddos peeking through your legs!


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