Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visiting Erin

Brett left last Thursday to go to Peru for a missions trip. He is ministering at a conference there! I have not talked to him, but he emailed me a few stories. I can't wait to hear more about the amazing power of God in Lima!!

I do not prefer to stay home when Brett is gone, so I took the kids on an overnight trip to Ft. Meyers to visit my friend, Erin. She is a wonderful hostess, and we had such a fun time!

Erin has an incredible testimony of her and her future husband, Matt. They actually were just boyfriend and girlfriend when I left....and are now engaged!!! I am so excited for them. Just thinking about their love and the faithfulness of God made me smile even hours after I had left. Here we are having a picnic with Erin, Matt, his kids, my kids, and me (not everyone is pictured):


Even though it was a short trip, I had so much fun!!

My hot water went out on Thursday and is not getting repaired until tomorrow, so I was thankful to have a warm bath to bathe my kids!! I have braved the cold showers, but I could not do that to my kids!

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