Monday, December 6, 2010

In Case You're Wondering...

In case you're wondering how to draw a butt, Caleb taught me yesterday:
"you just draw a circle, then draw a crack through it."

And then proceeded to draw about 10 of those on our driveway with chalk.
I've never been prouder.

Speaking of proud, I was talking with my neighbor yesterday. This was only our second conversation since we've moved in. While talking, Chloe walked outside, and my neighbor (I am not kidding) said, "Oh, wow, she has clothes on." And then continued, "With the cooler weather, I thought she'd put more clothes on, but no. She always comes outside in just her panties."
Chloe likes to wear just panties around the house (even that is sometimes a stretch). I never let her play out front without clothes, but the backyard is fenced (from the front but not from the neighbor) so I am not as concerned. I had no idea the neighbor sits on her porch in the mornings!!!
I stand corrected: at that moment, I'd never been prouder.

Laughing is one of the best parts of parenting!!
And I am so proud of my kids.

Caleb is at the age where he is hungry to learn. He actually came to me last week and asked if we could start homeschool? (He uses it as a noun, not a verb)
I am weird: I have planned to homeschool for a few years, so I have done very little formal teaching. I figure I have a lot of teaching years ahead, so I have only informally taught my kids.
I am actually impressed with what they have learned. Everyday life offers so many teachable moments.
But one thing we have not ever done is practice writing. So when Caleb wanted to homeschool, I thought he could learn to write his name. I gave him a pen, and he wrote his name without much guidance. He had trouble with E and B, but he still wrote them. It was so fun watching him!
He also wrote "Merry Christmas" on our kitchen chalkboard.

Kids are so awesome!!

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