Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post, Caleb is my comedian. He likes to get a good laugh, and I love to laugh with him.

Last night, as I was tucking him for bed, he asked, "Is there such thing as bad prayers?" I replied, "No, God loves all of our prayers, even if we're upset."
He immediately prayed (jokingly), "God, I love my sister so much, but that brother Luke of mine is so mean."
That boy. Hilarious. The best part is that he so totally adores Luke that it is the farthest thing from the truth!

Our kids are in this phase where they love to tell secrets. Today Caleb's secret to me was, "You steer the stroller better than Daddy."
I'll take compliments where I can get them, thankyouverymuch.

When counting, Caleb knows the number "eleven", but when he says it by itself, he calls it "onety-one".

In my room, I noticed some artwork on the wall. Caleb admitted to it, and when I asked why he did it, he said, "The wall needed a house on it."
I would give almost anything to have watched him draw on the wall in secret, just to see the way his mind works.

My awesome boy, Caleb, is just the best. He is such a leader of the kids in our family. I am so proud of the way he sets the pace in our home. Being the first born is hard, at times, but he handles it well. He is SO protective, which is endearing to watch.

He has such a great balanced personality. He is all boy: he loves weapons, "mans", to wrestle, and roughhouse. Yet he is so sweet and tender. He loves to snuggle. He compliments me often.

I just adore my sweet son.

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