Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Awesome Boy

I adore my first born, Caleb. He is just so sweet. He's always so quick to compliment me: "wow, Mom, you look so cute" or "wow, Mom, this day is perfect".....he always starts with "wow, Mom". Caleb definitely encourages me often.

And Caleb is all boy. He loves weapons, wrestling, and playing with his "mans" (little figurine things).
He has a fascination with being cool and takes the appropriate steps to become just that.

Last week, Caleb really needed a haircut. He saw a man with a mohawk a couple of months ago and has wanted one ever since. As I shaved his head, he asked me if I could leave it long on top so he could have a mohawk.

Though it is not as long as he wanted, he still looked so, cool....



(Please disregard Chloe's very pink bed behind him.)

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