Monday, January 17, 2011

My Precious Chloe

In one day, Chloe gives me enough blog fodder to last a year. She is unintentionally comical. I have said before...Caleb is really funny, in a comedic sort of way. He makes up jokes, plays practical jokes, and makes me laugh a lot. He actually has come up with some funny jokes.

But Chloe's comedy is not intended to be funny. But I seriously cannot stop laughing. I realize that humor is often lost in writing, so these stories may not be funny to anyone but me.

Tonight, Chloe asked if she could pray for my tummy (I have an umbilical hernia). I said yes, and then, to start the prayer, said, "Come, Jesus."
Chloe replied, "I'm not Jesus. I'm Chloe."

Yesterday, I asked Chloe to pray for me for the same issue (I am hoping for Jesus to heal it so I don't have to get surgery), she said, "I'm not going to ask Jesus to fix it; I'm going to ask Santa to fix it."
(We'll have to work on that one)

Even as I write these down, I cannot stop laughing. That girl. I adore her.


  1. That is so cute! Isn't it the best when your kids keep you laughing!?

  2. How hilarious. My girls are like that....Kristianna is absolutely naturally funny like your chloe. My Kaitlynn is just like Caleb, funny, but by trying to be funny! I love it


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