Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things My Kids Have Done To Me

If you've read my blog for any length of time, I am shameless in my adoration of my children. Tonight, as I worked out with Brett (even though I was exhausted and did not want to), I was thinking of all that has changed since having kids....that is not so positive.

1. I used to prefer salty treats; now I like sweets! Before kids, I could barely eat a cookie. Now I have to stop myself at 3 (or 4). (Except now that I am trying to lose weight, I do not eat them.)

2. My hair used to be straight as a board....until I got pregnant with Chloe. Now it is curly. Not like ringlets, more like waves, but definitely curly. Thank you, Jesus, for the invention of the flat iron. On the same note, my hair does not hold highlights very well. I have no clue why, but the color just does not stay as well. It's almost as if my hair does not want to be blonde, but my mind knows that I was meant to have blonde hair.

3. I actually used to like working out.

4. I used to be a thrill seeker. I loved doing anything that was an adrenaline rush. I try to use some wisdom now that three lives depend on me.

5. I would puke if I saw puke. (I still would if it weren't my kids). A few years ago, we were on vacation with my family. I was holding Caleb (he was 2), and he puked all over me. And I didn't puke!! My parents were shocked and amazed.

6. The only reason I would be up at 7 am is if I didn't go to bed the night before.

7. I used to have the best memory. I could remember everything.

8. Though I still try to keep up my house and manage my life well, I have definitely become more relaxed. I let things slide that never would have....even when I just had two kids.

9. My legs do not tan anymore. Seriously, they're so pale. Isn't that weird? Like, I can be outside all day and will get barely any color. My arms get way darker.

10. My metabolism has slowed to a screeching halt. Though that is probably more because I am nearing 30. I just had to throw that in there because one thing that has not changed is my desire for order (as in, ending on a nice round number).

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