Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Watching my family operate from the sidelines has been difficult for me, but I am trying to make the most of the time. I have spent considerable time brainstorming changes I want to make in our daily life.

My kids have recently started fighting more, and I think most of that is because they get bored. When they are focused on a task/game/activity, they get along really well. Their personalities are so different that they don't usually clash. They just start to fight when they run out of stuff to do. Or Chloe locks Caleb out of her room.

I am going to start taking one hour a week to plan our days. We already have a typical routine during the day, but what I am looking to do is fill the "free play" hours. During my planning times, I am going to organize some crafts, games, activities, etc. Caleb wants to start school, so even though it will not be our formal school, I will come up with assignments for him.
When my older kids are doing their activities, I can spend more time with Luke.

There will, of course, be tons of free time, but I think they'll enjoy it more when they've worked on other things.

In times like these, it is easy to remember what matters most in life. I have been loving the extra time I have to pray, read my Bible, and listen to podcast sermons. I want to be more intentional in my day to fit these in. And more intentional on spending less time on the internet.

I am hoping to be back to my normal self by the start of next week. I am starting to do some things, but I cannot really do much with the kids. It is breaking my heart. Luke cries when he sees me :(. The older kids definitely understand why I'm not doing much, but Luke doesn't.
Brett has been so amazing!! I am blown away. He is doing everything during the day. He knows I like the house clean, so he picks up each night. I am so thankful. I still am not sure what I am going to do once he goes back to work, but maybe I will have a great breakthrough and feel great soon!!

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  1. I love your attitude for helping your kids fill their free time. Mine also get into trouble either by fighting or doing something else they shouldn't when they have too much free time! I hope you'll share if you find some things that work well for you! Praying that you will feel better very quickly!


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