Friday, February 11, 2011

Household Tips

I have had a busy week celebrating my birthday! I am so thankful for amazing friends and family who indulge my excitement! All of that excitement means I am late with my weekly post. In the spirit of my birthday, today's tips are lighthearted. Not much to think about, but hopefully you'll find some new tips!

Throughout my years as a homemaker, I have paid close attention when people share household tips. I thought I would compile a list of household tips for you, my sweet readers!

- Hydrogen peroxide gets blood out. Just squirt some on the blood and wash clothing (or whatever it is) as usual. This tip has saved many a catastrophe. And the peroxide does not bleach clothes.

- Magic Erasers are God's gift to moms. They remove scuff marks from floors, remove crayon/pen marks from children who like to decorate the walls, clean white sinks/countertops, and more. When all else fails, try the ole Eraser. It works, well, like magic.

- About once a month, I run vinegar through an empty dishwasher and washing gets gunk out and keeps appliances working better longer.

- WD-40 quiets squeaky doors. This may be obvious to most, but we lived 2 years with horribly squeaky door before a college student in our ministry told us how easy it is to fix the problem. I had heard of WD-40, but I did not know what it was for.

- Vinegar + water cleans soap scum off of glass shower doors.

- If your phone drops in water, remove the back, battery, and SIM card. Place on cookie sheet. Bake on warm for 1 hour. With new smart phones, this may not work, but it definitely worked with every phone I've had previously.

- As I mentioned a short time ago, unload your dishwasher first thing in the morning. Just try it, and you'll see why I highly recommend that.

- Give away clothes that you don't like or don't look good on you....even if they fit you. Same applies to kids' clothes. If you catch yourself often skipping over certain clothes, pass them on.

- Stock cleaning supplies in every bathroom and your kitchen, rather than tote them around.

Those are just a few tips I've enjoyed along the way. I will try to think of more, but for now, I need to get dinner ready for some friends coming over!!

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  1. My favorite is the phone in the water thing! I didn't know that! That's amazing!!!!! I drop my phone a million times a day. One time I dropped my phone in a sink full of water and Ryan came to rescue it. I thought it was toast, but he somehow managed to make it turn back on. When he handed it to me and it was turning on, a message popped up on the screen that said "Thanks for the bath!" For the longest time I thought that my phone was communicating with me, but I later learned that it was Ryan being all sneaky and changing the greeting. Haha! This was a fun post!


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